Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ringxiety: The Next New Disorder

Do you have the sensation that your cell phone is ringing or vibrating when it's not?

If so, you may have RINGXIETY.

Dr. David Laramie, from California's School of Professional Psychology, is the originator of the term and experiences "Ringxiety" as well. According to Dr. Laramie, people have grown emotionally dependent on cell phones for feelings of self-worth or for needing to be connected. Some more snarky experts think that "Ringxiety" is a need to feel popular, while sound experts believe hearing sounds that seem like a telephone's ring send an expectant brain into action, a checking-the-phone-reflex, so to speak. Whatever the origin, it appears that these needs cause people to be so desperate not to miss a call that they hear phones ringing or feel phones vibrating even when they are not.

I have the opposite of "Ringxiety". My phone is never on. I rarely use it. I spend money just to have it. I think the name of that disorder is "Sqaunderitis".

New York Times