Friday, June 09, 2006

More Fun With Psychology

Look at this picture.
Does it move?

Perception and the mind's eye are at work here again. This is a stationary picture. It is NOT moving, but when we look at it, it MOVES.

Try this one. It's called "Slow Gears" - based on the work by A. Kitaoka.

Afterimages from our peripheral vision create "perceived movement" . Our mind then tells us that the image IS moving.

Okay, fun time is over.


Brain Basher Illusions



mysti said...

I love these images! They are so very cool. Strange how the mind makes you think they are moving.

Anonymous said...

I love these things! I've seen them before and they freak me out. So cool!

I changed my blog focus a little. I guess I needed some direction (and of course a way to focus on something other than myself).

I always learn a lot about things when I write about them.

Let me know what you think.

Dreaming again said...

hmmmmm weird ... they make my vertigo go crazy.


I'm curious, does it need to be on the computer screen to work? Or in print do they do the same? (not willing to use computer ink to find out *grin*)

Fallen Angels said...

FINALLY!! Both pictures do what they are "supposed" to when I look at them! lol :P

dragonflyfilly said...

WELL FINALLY, after two days i have something up...but not what i wanted...i still have lots more photos...but i am having such trouble with my Blog (and now my coffee's gone cold!)...anyhoooo, here it is. - some of the photos from The Mikado.

your post...oooe weee, too weird, and too much after all the trouble i am having with my stupid blog..made my eyes go all is amazing tho' how the mind's eye (or is it the eye's mind?) works...
cheers for now.

Tai said...

If I stare REALLY long and hard at them, I can make them stop moving!

(Yeah, I know..."Don't I have something better to do!?")

Anonymous said...

Tai, I was thinking the same long. It became a challenge to make them stop! Thanks as always Deb. Fun, interesting stuff to be sure.

_Jonathan_ said...

Fantastic! great images. It's incredible how the mind works.
I wanna make them stop!! but I can't... dirty mind, isn't it?

Raine said...

ok then so whats different about me? I dont see them moving. The first almost seemed to when I looked away but thats it

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear Mysti,
I agree :)

Dear Tiesha,
I will visit later.

Dear Dreaming,
Be careful. I actually got a headache earlier today from looking at them. Talk about an occupational hazard!!

Dear Fallen,
Sometimes a computer screen can make it hard to see these images. I am glad these were able to work.

Dear PJ,

Dear Tai,
Oh I just tried that. I takes ALOT of focus.

Dear Traci,
I have to take a break from looking at them now. Sheesh!!!

Dear Jonathan,
A few bloggers have been able to stop the moving. I tried and was able too. It hurt my eyes though. So be careful if you try again!


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear Raine,
It's not you....the computer screen may distort the actual replications, so it doesn't move. Try the links I referenced and see if they are clearer there.


jumpinginpuddles said...

the first one didnt move at all, now the second five minutes later i was still staring athe moving and thoroughly enjoying the experience.
Thanks for the five minutes reprieve but surely safe fun is never over deb ;)

Dawn said...

oh, that crazy weird-lol, so cool :)

Angel Chasse said...

Hey Dr Deb :)

Wow, crazy what your mind can convince you of eh? I like these, and I always love the ones where it is a face, or a word.. that kind of thing. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for the light, fun FRIDAY post :):)

Angel Chasse (again)

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

That is freaking cool!! It's amazing how our minds work.. Keep those coming!

healthpsych said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing these. Amazing how the mind works. I haven't tried to see if I could 'stop' them...messes with my brain too much! :)

Heidi said...

Perfect timing to get ones mind off of things, if ony for a few ...Very cool I love these things.

Have a great weekend Deb~

Sunnie Dee said...

Hmmmm well nothing moved for me, but then I have problems with sight anyway and my perception of things is little screwy at the best of times.

Rose said...

Great images but they made my eyes hurt. Yes they appeared to be moving.

Moof said...

Made me wonder what someone might have slipped into my coffee! ;o)

Great pictures, thank you!

Dreaming again said...

Raine ....
I showed them to my standing sons ..and they thought I was nuts. I made them get down at sitting levels and they saw it moving. So it might not just be resolution ..but position to computer too.

For a minute it worried me ... I thought maybe they were just to much of alien creatures to see it.

Raine said...

I saw them when I went to the links. it worked there LOL

A Flowered Purse said...

LOL that always amazes me how stuff like that works!
have a wonderful weekend Dr. Deb

Dr. Charles said...

i actually don't see it moving. i think something is wrong with me! actually i've been constructing my new blog into the wee hours of the night, and i'm suffering from blogsickness.

i finally got a link back up to you, i had been lazy in maintaining my blogger link list. if you want to check out my new pad i'll be here:

keep in touch :)

Jackie said...

Not sure if it is the screwed up eyes or what, but they don't seem to move!?!?! Oh well.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Belizegial said...

Good morning Dr. Deb,
Perhaps it is the earliness of the hour, but the top photo of gears does seem to move slowly; however, the bottom photo remains stationary for me. The mind's eye playing tricks on me today, lol.

Nancy said...

Why does the first image move faster than the second for me. Is it the eyes, the brain or the combo.
you always come up with interesting posts.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear JIP,
You are right, fun shouldn't have a time limit!

Dear Dawn,
So glad you enjoyed 'em.

Dear Angel,
Those illusions are my favorite as well. I like when you can see one thing and then another.

Dear NPSL,
Will try to get more posted.

Dear Healthpsych,
I like showing how psychology works in different ways. Don't try to make them stop, I got SUCH a headache from doing so , lol!

Dear Heidi,
Distraction *is* important, especially when things get stressful.

Dear Sonnie,
The computer screen may have something to do with it. Don't think it is you. Sometimes the curve or flatness of the screen can distort the original illusion.

Dear Rose,
I know, my eyes were strained too. Guess we should be careful ;)

Dear Moof,
You made me blol!

Dear Dreaming again,
That is such an excellent point. So much to consider when looking at illusions.

Dear Raine,

Dear Dianna,
Wishing you and yours a fab weekend too.

Dear Dr. Charles,
Got you on my links with your updated address. Very cool new blog.

Dear Jackie,
Try looking at them via the reference links at the bottom of the post. And like Dreaming again said, make sure you are level with the picture, not too low or too high. If nothing happens, it could be the resolution of the computer screen, not YOU :)

Dear Enid,
I wonder if you looked at the origianls on the links, if that would help. Sometimes the spacing of the illusions can make seeing them difficult. The spacing on the link references offer more room than my blog. See what happens!


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear Nancy,
The first image moves faster, and the second one moves slower. I am not sure why. I think it might have something to do with the color striations in the first one. Good question though. PS I linked you finally. Sheesh I got so behind in doing that.


Carolina Introvert said...

That first image is amazing! Of course I had to study it quite a bit to figure out how it worked.

I thought of you today when I was washing my car. I was sitting in my car, while the automatic wash was taking my place. I closed my eyes, and next thing I knew I woke up from a little cat nap. I felt so refreshed afterwards! Not sure how long I slept but my car had almost drip dried by the time I opened my eyese again. :--)

Nancy said...

Thanks for the honor, Mine is just a way to vent. Your blog is interesting, educational and informative.

alan said...

Yes, the first one moves quite nicely; then when I close my eyes I see "Modern Times" and a wondrous talent from a bygone era rolling through them...


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear Carolina,
I am so delighted you grabbed a catnap!!!

Dear Nancy,
Blogging is good personal, professional or otherwise.

Dear Alan,
I love when you get nostalgic.

:) Deb

Flea said...

With so much internet content that really does move it was nice to see stuff that stands still...and moves!



Dirk the Feeble said...

The second one didn't work for me, but I made the first one my wallpaper.

Not wallpaper on my computer. Wallpaper in my bathroom.

Todd and in Charge said...

Great stuff -- I'm seasick already!

starry nights said...

Just stoppped by to say hello. You have a nice Blog. love those images.

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog. As for the wheels turning I can't believe my own eyes. The top ones did not move but the bottom ones were. Fantastic Post.

dragonflyfilly said...

if you want to know what this strange thing is you are going to have to visit my Blog

anyway Dr. Deb, yes, i think you would quite enjoy it, if i had a burner i would send you a copy, but i don't so i won't, sorry....

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear Flea,
Thanks :) I like posting fun things like this.

Dear Dirk,
You are TOTALLY the funniest person blogging that I know.

Dear Todd,
So glad it worked for you.

Dear Starry,
Thanks for visiting. I will visit you soon.

Dear Chet,
Sometimes the resolution on the computer screen can take away the illusion - but I am glad the second one worked for you.

Dear PJ,Okay, I'll be visiting soon.


Em said...

Obviously my eyes and brain are not attached in any way. I'm not seeing anything move. Oh well.

Wendy C. said...

I love visual tricks like these! My husband showed me a good one the other was an English castle. As I stared at it, my mind filled in the most beautiful colours! The green lawn, the blue/grey masonry, the clear blue sky...then I looked away and looked back...the photo was actully in black and white! Amazing!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear Em,
Could be the computer screen. Try the links listed below and see if the original illusions work better.

Dear Wendy,
Was the castle attainable online. I'd love to see that one!


Wendy C. said...

Here is the link...and it's a Spanish castle...not English :-(

Dr. Deborah Serani said...


That site is TOTALLY awesome.

Thank you SO much for sharing it. I am going to ask the webmaster if he can put the illusion on loan to me!


Wendy C. said...

It is frightening how readily we believe what we think we many implications for the way we live our lives...

Sarebear said...

You've got my mind running the song, "You made the earth move under my feet . . .


Anonymous said...

:D Fun... thanx
i think i`ll back to design stuff like that again :D


Cathy said...

Well I knew I was alien, now it's confirmed. I don't see anything moving. I have started at both of them and nada. I did what PK said and made sure my eyes were exactly level with the screen, still nothing.

I need an appt. with someone to get this checked out!

wendy d said...

They moved for me. I just like looking at them. I am going to try the castle one. should be interesting.

cheesemeister said...

Yes, the wheels are grinding, grinding, grinding away in my nutty little mind. There was also a hamster on a wheel in there at one point but I think it died!

swati said...

I guess you are not trying to say that they are not actually moving and its just the mind which is doing the tricks because although slowly but they are moving consistently. They look wonderful.