Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Grand Rounds: 2:39

When I was in graduate school, my most enjoyable times were on Thursdays, when "Grand Rounds" was scheduled in the hospital where I had an internship. Some 20 years later, here I am still learning and sharing in the Grand Rounds tradition.


Scene 1: The Mental Health Clinic

~ Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments submits a post on the epidemic status of Methamphetamine abuse.

~ HealthPsych highlights a UK study which points out that physical health problems often go undetected in the mental health population.

~ Mind Hacks has a great neuropsychological post on shy children and their sensitivities to life's subtleties.

~ Over at Panic is a post on how ABC television in the United States recently followed a teen from Maine with panic disorder.

~ UK based Psychology and Crime posts about Intermittent Explosive Disorder. This little studied disorder is often seen in road rage.

~ Psych Central has a great article about Disturbing Reality Television .

~ Shrinkette posts about the political veering off that can sometimes happen when administering the Mental Status Exam

~ Mediblogopathy highlights the often funny and inappropriate ongoings in a psychiatric hospital.

~ Read about Adaptation Theory and "setpoint of well-being" over at StaffPsychologist

Scene 2: The Medical Center

~ Kevin, M.D. dovetails a post with the latest obvious new of the day that Emergency Rooms are in crisis. Dr. Flea's Blog persuses this same subject as well in his post "Growing Pains, Indeed".

~ Charity Doc has a post about a real-life emergency medicine drama. It's filled with action, conflict, tragedy and the emotional fallout of it all.

~Over at Pediatricsinfo.com is a must read piece on Merck's Human Papilloma Virus vaccine for girls and women. The Nurse Practitioner's Place echoes similar sentiments, but the worry hits home even more as a family member receives a positive diagnosis for HPV.

~ Find out how helium and MRI's are better detecting smoking-related lung damage at straightfromthedoc.com

~ Head on over to Diseaseproof.com where Dr. Joel Furhman blogs about how to lower one's cholesterol naturally. Medical needs and health benefits of water and whole_foods are discussed at Wellness Tips. Dr. Emer over at Parallel Universe has a post on lawsuits and Trans Fatty Acids. And who'd a thunk that cannabinoid-lowers-blood-pressure ?!?

~ New blogger OncRN has a moving post on when the Code Team has to Call It . And Home- School-Med-Student blogs about this subject as well, writing about her first experience in a Level 1 Trauma Center .

~ Interested-Participant has a post about the British Medical Association backing non-voluntary euthanasia for patients who are too ill to ask for death.

~ Over at allergizer.com is an important post on how certain groups of mold increases the likelihood of developing multiple allergies later in life.

~ Pixel RN accounts the down and dirty aspects of an ICU room.

~ Good Ol' Grunt Doc offers up a rant on cultural differences and language acquisition.

~ Over at http://www.njurology.com/RoboticSurgeryBlog/ is an informative post on sexual life after prostate removal.

~ And Stork Doc takes us through the stages of diagnosis and surgery of a patient who initally presented with anemia but was, in actuality, bleeding to death.

Scene 3: The Patient Waiting Room

~ Nakedmedicine.com has a great post by Dr. Jane Chin, who writes from her own patient perspective "Why We Like The Doctors We Like".

~ Dr. Charles writes here about the fear patients still have about genetic discrimination.

~ Emergiblog has an interesting story about a patient and decides, herself, that "Eccentricity is NOT a Crime."

~ Cancer Commentary reports that only one in ten cancer patients are aware of clinical trial opportunities. An alarming statistic, if you ask me.

~Over at Pearls and dreams , the do's and don't with Myasthenia Gravis are considered in the post "Can You Do That?" By the way, I would like to add that June is MG awareness month.

Scene 4: The Insurance and Healthcare Facility

~ InsureBlog asks if HIPAA really protects personal medical records. Some folks don't think so, and they blame the government for lackadaisical enforcement. Are they right?

~ The Specialty Insurance Blog has an interesting post on a recent Medical Malpractice Study

~ Blogcharm posts about the concerns the AMA has with NP's taking charge of clinics in store locations.

~ And Clinical Cases and Images Blog wonders if physicians can benefit from "Google Office" and updates us on how the Cleveland Clinic is offering podcast and videocasts.

~ A great post can be found at Fixing Healthcare which suggests that "health" rather than "sickness" should be the focus in heathcare.

~ Msspnexus.blogs has a rather sad tale of an escalating war between a large group physician practice and a fairly small hospital in rural New York.

~ The Medical Blog Network has a post on how it's been helpful in hosting blog carnivals and talks about where the healthcare blogosphere is heading.

Scene 5: The Pharmacy

~ The Pharm Voice blogs about the approval Schering AG Germany has to continue making Betaferon® - the only high-dose high-frequency therapy approved for the treatment of the earliest stages of MS.

~ Diabetesmine.com blogs on the buzz on a new insulin pill, Intesulin - - which is showing that it is 60-70% as effective as injected insulin.

~ Pycnogenol® may reduce the symptoms of ADHD as noted in the post at Biotechweblog

~ Over at the Health Business Blog is a post about the tragedies and business opportunities of "Pharm Parties".

Scene 6: The Coffee House

~ Navelgazing Midwife writes about her first time learning how to do a vaginal exam.

~ Over at Urostream is a fun post on how one's professional training can pay off.

~ Read a beautiful poem written for a pediatric cancer patient from Dr. Sidharth Sethi's blog.

~ Cathy writes about her mother's Alzheimer's and the cruel reality of the disease's progression.

~ Dr. Hsien Hsien Lei brings us a post about a man passed over by passersby while having a heart attack at A Hearty Life . A rather sad commentary on the state of human compassion.

~ You'll be sure to laugh when Milliner's Dream offers a student nurse diagnosis of her husband's strange skin discoloration.

~ Mexico Med Student blogs about the things he's learned in his first year of medical school.

~ But have some tissues ready before you read Today We Say Goodbye from Digital Doorway, a nursing blog -- and the personal story entitled Love Shouldn't Ever Leave Bruises at All Blogged Up: A Moof's Tale.

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Next Grand Rounds Production is slated for: June 27, 2006
Directed by: Dr. Stuart Henochowicz at Medviews

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