Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Grand Rounds: 2:39

When I was in graduate school, my most enjoyable times were on Thursdays, when "Grand Rounds" was scheduled in the hospital where I had an internship. Some 20 years later, here I am still learning and sharing in the Grand Rounds tradition.


Scene 1: The Mental Health Clinic

~ Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments submits a post on the epidemic status of Methamphetamine abuse.

~ HealthPsych highlights a UK study which points out that physical health problems often go undetected in the mental health population.

~ Mind Hacks has a great neuropsychological post on shy children and their sensitivities to life's subtleties.

~ Over at Panic is a post on how ABC television in the United States recently followed a teen from Maine with panic disorder.

~ UK based Psychology and Crime posts about Intermittent Explosive Disorder. This little studied disorder is often seen in road rage.

~ Psych Central has a great article about Disturbing Reality Television .

~ Shrinkette posts about the political veering off that can sometimes happen when administering the Mental Status Exam

~ Mediblogopathy highlights the often funny and inappropriate ongoings in a psychiatric hospital.

~ Read about Adaptation Theory and "setpoint of well-being" over at StaffPsychologist

Scene 2: The Medical Center

~ Kevin, M.D. dovetails a post with the latest obvious new of the day that Emergency Rooms are in crisis. Dr. Flea's Blog persuses this same subject as well in his post "Growing Pains, Indeed".

~ Charity Doc has a post about a real-life emergency medicine drama. It's filled with action, conflict, tragedy and the emotional fallout of it all.

~Over at Pediatricsinfo.com is a must read piece on Merck's Human Papilloma Virus vaccine for girls and women. The Nurse Practitioner's Place echoes similar sentiments, but the worry hits home even more as a family member receives a positive diagnosis for HPV.

~ Find out how helium and MRI's are better detecting smoking-related lung damage at straightfromthedoc.com

~ Head on over to Diseaseproof.com where Dr. Joel Furhman blogs about how to lower one's cholesterol naturally. Medical needs and health benefits of water and whole_foods are discussed at Wellness Tips. Dr. Emer over at Parallel Universe has a post on lawsuits and Trans Fatty Acids. And who'd a thunk that cannabinoid-lowers-blood-pressure ?!?

~ New blogger OncRN has a moving post on when the Code Team has to Call It . And Home- School-Med-Student blogs about this subject as well, writing about her first experience in a Level 1 Trauma Center .

~ Interested-Participant has a post about the British Medical Association backing non-voluntary euthanasia for patients who are too ill to ask for death.

~ Over at allergizer.com is an important post on how certain groups of mold increases the likelihood of developing multiple allergies later in life.

~ Pixel RN accounts the down and dirty aspects of an ICU room.

~ Good Ol' Grunt Doc offers up a rant on cultural differences and language acquisition.

~ Over at http://www.njurology.com/RoboticSurgeryBlog/ is an informative post on sexual life after prostate removal.

~ And Stork Doc takes us through the stages of diagnosis and surgery of a patient who initally presented with anemia but was, in actuality, bleeding to death.

Scene 3: The Patient Waiting Room

~ Nakedmedicine.com has a great post by Dr. Jane Chin, who writes from her own patient perspective "Why We Like The Doctors We Like".

~ Dr. Charles writes here about the fear patients still have about genetic discrimination.

~ Emergiblog has an interesting story about a patient and decides, herself, that "Eccentricity is NOT a Crime."

~ Cancer Commentary reports that only one in ten cancer patients are aware of clinical trial opportunities. An alarming statistic, if you ask me.

~Over at Pearls and dreams , the do's and don't with Myasthenia Gravis are considered in the post "Can You Do That?" By the way, I would like to add that June is MG awareness month.

Scene 4: The Insurance and Healthcare Facility

~ InsureBlog asks if HIPAA really protects personal medical records. Some folks don't think so, and they blame the government for lackadaisical enforcement. Are they right?

~ The Specialty Insurance Blog has an interesting post on a recent Medical Malpractice Study

~ Blogcharm posts about the concerns the AMA has with NP's taking charge of clinics in store locations.

~ And Clinical Cases and Images Blog wonders if physicians can benefit from "Google Office" and updates us on how the Cleveland Clinic is offering podcast and videocasts.

~ A great post can be found at Fixing Healthcare which suggests that "health" rather than "sickness" should be the focus in heathcare.

~ Msspnexus.blogs has a rather sad tale of an escalating war between a large group physician practice and a fairly small hospital in rural New York.

~ The Medical Blog Network has a post on how it's been helpful in hosting blog carnivals and talks about where the healthcare blogosphere is heading.

Scene 5: The Pharmacy

~ The Pharm Voice blogs about the approval Schering AG Germany has to continue making Betaferon® - the only high-dose high-frequency therapy approved for the treatment of the earliest stages of MS.

~ Diabetesmine.com blogs on the buzz on a new insulin pill, Intesulin - - which is showing that it is 60-70% as effective as injected insulin.

~ Pycnogenol® may reduce the symptoms of ADHD as noted in the post at Biotechweblog

~ Over at the Health Business Blog is a post about the tragedies and business opportunities of "Pharm Parties".

Scene 6: The Coffee House

~ Navelgazing Midwife writes about her first time learning how to do a vaginal exam.

~ Over at Urostream is a fun post on how one's professional training can pay off.

~ Read a beautiful poem written for a pediatric cancer patient from Dr. Sidharth Sethi's blog.

~ Cathy writes about her mother's Alzheimer's and the cruel reality of the disease's progression.

~ Dr. Hsien Hsien Lei brings us a post about a man passed over by passersby while having a heart attack at A Hearty Life . A rather sad commentary on the state of human compassion.

~ You'll be sure to laugh when Milliner's Dream offers a student nurse diagnosis of her husband's strange skin discoloration.

~ Mexico Med Student blogs about the things he's learned in his first year of medical school.

~ But have some tissues ready before you read Today We Say Goodbye from Digital Doorway, a nursing blog -- and the personal story entitled Love Shouldn't Ever Leave Bruises at All Blogged Up: A Moof's Tale.

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Next Grand Rounds Production is slated for: June 27, 2006
Directed by: Dr. Stuart Henochowicz at Medviews

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Whoa! The topics this week are unbelievable! And the presentation (1) clever and (2) easily navigatable.
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Great job!!!!!

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Nice, readable format! Thank for hosting this week.

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Thanks for a refreshingly new presentation to Grand Rounds! See you at the Oscars!

Todd and in Charge said...

Great job, really enjoyable.

Ian Lidster said...

Thank you for this, Deborah. All of it is good, and especially the methamphetamine considerations. Our Community Drug Strategy Committee is mounting a crystal meth campaign this year, and has received considerable government funding to do so. As I am media liaison, every bit of information helps me in getting the word out. You are aces in my book, always.
Cheers, Ian

Fat Doctor said...

I'm gonna go pop some corn before reading these posts, but I adore the format - how fun!!

Fat Doctor said...

I'm gonna go pop some corn before reading these posts, but I adore the format - how fun!!

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Wow, this is a lot of reading! Now I know how people feel when they see my linky entries. :-) Thanks for sharing it--I'm bookmarking this! And I love that you're making it a regular feature!

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Thank you, Deborah, for a wonderful Grand Rounds this week. I also like the way you presented each of the different aspects of our work.

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An interesting 'round' that will keep me occupied for a while. "HealthPsych highlights a UK study which points out that physical health problems often go undetected in the mental health population" Is particularly interesting as it touches on one of my soap boxes. I spent 10 years being told that my back pain was a result of 'tension', a symptom of depression, etc, until the cause was finally diagnosed as spondylolitic spondylolisthesis.

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Wow! I can't wait to get started reading. Great job.

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Hey this is a GREAT post. I'm going to set aside a few hours this weekend - thank you. I've just recently started blogging and have therefore just found you. I'm a psychologist, from Oz, and also do lots of work in trauma, anxiety/panic and depression. Your site is really inspiring - people obviously love checking in. Keep it up and all the best!

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I am not at home (away at church camp as a counselor for teenagers, both junior high and high school ... my son talked me into it. ) but had to comment ... great job!! thanks for adding the June is MG awareness month!

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