Wednesday, May 01, 2019

May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month

2 in 10 women will struggle with a maternal mental health disorder in the United States and only fifteen percent of women will receive treatment for a maternal mental health disorder.
Unrealistic expectations and myths about what it means to be a good mom often prevent mothers from getting treatment postpartum mental health disorders. 

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • To be a good mom you have to love being a mom all the time.
  • Moms never need help.
  • If I don't breastfeed, I'm not a good mother.  
  • I am not a good mom because my baby’s birth didn’t go well – or my body failed.
  • I had to go back to work too early and that makes me a bad mom.
  • I had to take an antidepressant after I had my baby and that makes me a bad mother.
  • Other mothers are better moms because they look like they have it all together.   

None of these are true. 

Increasing awareness about postpartum mental health disorders reduces stigma and improves the quality of care for women. Encouraging new moms to talk about their experiences and truly listen to how she is feeling. 

Link here to get your own downloadable New Mom Mental Health Checklist

Link to Postpartum Support International for more resources.

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