Monday, July 06, 2009

10 Things Blockbuster Movies Teach Us About Life

A.O. Scott writes that every movie genre offers teachable moments. Dramas highlight the importance of interpersonal connections. Horror movies impart the need to avoid being reckless and impulsive. Romantic comedies let us see that the "perfect man" is really the narcissitic jerk, while the one you never looked twice at is really your soul mate.

Here is his take on what summer action blockbuster movies teach:

1) Heroes don't always know that they're heroes
2) Heroism is a lonely, thankless vocation
3) When the going gets tough, the rules don't apply
4) It's always personal
5) You can't trust anyone
6) There is always someone you can trust
7) There is always enough time
8) You should never get too comfortable
9) Everything will be okay in the end
10) There is always a sequel

This can parallel life, don't you think?

For the indepth details to this piece, check out Real Simple Magazine


CrackerLilo said...

Very interesting, and thanks for pointing to it! Of course, I love summer action blockbusters better than most genres, including romantic comedy. I treat most of those more like horror movies! ("Don't go with him, honey!")

Anonymous said...

This is good. Decided to copy it. Of course I had mental counterpoints to each one of them.

~Just me again~ said...

This was good. Remember too, just cuz the guy was killed doesn't mean that he's really dead. LOL. ;)

Ms.L said...

That's a really neat way to look
at things. I especially like #3.
How many times have we caused ourselves grief by doing what feels
right,only to feel/think guilt or doubt because it doesn't follow the rules??

Wanda's Wings said...

Seems logical to me. lol

Dr. Deb said...

I think I've learned most things from horror movies myself.

Mr. Writeon,
I enjoyed the article.

Just Me,
Yes, sometimes reality isn't what it appears to be!

Ms. L,
Rule breaking and rule bending can be good sometimes.

Of course, tongue in cheek with it all.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Yeah, totally. I have been thinking a lot about trust lately. Its a tricky thing....

Jade said...

kinda sounds like real life eh? Hope you're doing well Deb. :-)

jumpinginpuddles said...

oh see we think the movies that dont have a sequel appeal much more for us, except harry potter of course

Anonymous said...

I just saw Transformers and this TOTALLY applies!


jenji said...

you forgot:

when in doubt, Hollywood will blow it up.


therapydoc said...

And any hero will do.

Sandy,PhD said...

All those missed teachable moments. Who knew?

Marie said...

I like movies like these. They make you really think.

セフレ said...