Friday, October 03, 2008

Helping Your Moods With Color Therapy

I'm a big fan of color. Bathing yourself in colors can offer many healing effects . In fact, Color Therapy has been an alternative approach to helping with physical and emotional issues for centuries.

The above picture is a mood light created by UK Industrial Artist Shiu Yuk Yuen . It is a soft cube that allows you to create a colorful atmosphere by your own choice - or by letting the cube move through the full spectrum of colors on its own.

I totally want one, but it seems that my exhaustive search has led only to the artist's email. Maybe I will get a response to find out where, when, and of course, what price this will cost.

Do you use colors in your life?

Update: 10/6/2008: Artist Shiu Yuk Yen answered my email and said that production and marketing of Mood Lights are ongoing - and will let us know when they are available. Hooray!


Jade said...

It actually is calming to look at that picture. My first thought was "Wow, I wonder how color works with Children who have autism" Those that are naturally more aggressive may benefit from color therapy. could create sensory overload for them.
It definitely works for me though! If you find out where and how much for that picture please share. Many could benefit by adding a little more color to their lives ;-)

Clare said...

I love colours as well and I have read some stuff on the different ways that colour therapy can be used for several kind of illnesses to help patients recover.
Hope all is well with you Deb.

~Deb said...

I was just talking about this the other day. My home is semi-modern to traditional, however I use A LOT of red and black in my scheme. Red, being my favorite color in general and black being my favorite color as well. The description you've described for these colors do show some of the traits that I hold. Funny, right?

In my bedroom, I have lots of plants. Ever since I placed the plants in there, I've been rid of insomnia and been sleeping like a baby--not sure if it's from the color green, or the amount of oxygen the plants give off.

I read your older post back in '05---how interesting!

Raine said...

I dont know but when I moved after my husbands death my inlaws replaced my furniture with white furniture. I HATED it. It offended my sensibilities and I could not feel comfortable in my apartment as long as that furniture was there. Finally I went to my sister-in-laws second hand store and talked to her and she gave me half off some stuff and delivered it and I got green recliners and a patterned love seat ( browns , green and a shot of red). I had color in my living room again and could feel "at ease" The white was "sterile" and unfeeling and did not create the feeling of coziness I needed to relax in my own home. I gave the white furniture to people who had no furniture and rejoiced to have it out of my house. So I think color IS important. Particulary to those of us with mental illnesses. Now if I could just get my landlord to let me paint the walls............... LOLOL. I could really make my nest soothing.

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing,I really want one now! If you find out where to get them, please could you post the link for us? The colours remind me of lava lamps.

jumpinginpuddles said...

we have purple lampshades in our room we find it mood soothing before we sleep in the twins room because they have autism spectrum we have a gentle shade of orange and they like this as well as a fish lamp that is blue and turns around one of the twins watches this to go to sleep with.
As we were looking at the cubes we realised we were transfixed on the pink, i wonder if it depends on your mood as to what colour you aprticulary like.

Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Tips said...

After my fiancé correctly identified yellow as being my color, I find that wearing yellow when I am in a down mood perks me up again.

S'onnie said...

colour is important. renting means that I don't get to choose the main colours in my house but I do get to reduce the glare of white with deep dark greens and browns which I love and find relaxing and homey - may be due to my grandmother having similar colours in her house and I loved being with her

The Lone Beader said...

I love colours! That's why I love beads, I guess! But, strangely, my current project is not very colourful. They must become extinct in the future. LOL.

David said...

Interesting topic. I'm wondering if there are colors that are intrinsically calming or healing, or is it a matter of personal taste, i.e., the colors we like are the ones that comfort us? For example, I've heard that green is a soothing color. I have nothing against green, but I really prefer orange and certain shades of red -- even though, traditionally, red is associated with anger or passion. (I am neither an angry person nor particularly passionate.)
While I'm here, I'd like to invite readers to check out The Chaplain's Blog, a forum on mental health and spirituality. We've been talking about problems in the U.S. healthcare system and how they relate to mental healthcare. Please join us.

kath said...

I absolutely use color. I keep my main rooms a peachy color that makes me feel warm and safe.

Color healing and color therapy are being mentioned more and more.. I use color when I do reiki... I ask my guides what colors this being needs...
and sometimes certain areas of energy hold colors that pull my attention...

heiresschild said...

love colors; each of my rooms has it's own color scheme. never thought about plants in the bedroom though. hmmm, think i'll try it. does seem like it would add a little serenity and some additional colors as well, depending on the plant.

Marie said...

I think color therapy is cool! That is why I love to see painting with lots of color! Very good for the soul.

Please let us know when you get your hands on this color cube.

Deb S. said...

What a compelling topic and cool post! Please let us know if you learn more about this work by Shiu Yuk Yuen.

I pay a lot of attention to color in my work, but I don't come close to maximizing color in my personal life. Thanks to this post, I'll think more about surrounding myself in color.

Muser said...

For what it's worth, there's a small cube at (scroll down to "you're feeling calm"). It dosn't go throug the whole spectrum and I've never seen one in real life, but it might help. There are also eggs ("laid back" and "inner peace egg") that I've had my eye on.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Yes! I've actually written articles on the effective use of color in marketing. There is no doubt that color has a deep impact on the way we perceive things.

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Hey Deb, I totally agree with this.

Deb said...

Jade said...
I love that photo. And I agree, it is so soothing.

I love color too. . Too much though can be

Sounds like great rich colors!

"It offended my sensibilities." What a great phrase.

I will let you know as soon as I learn when. I promise!

How cool. I'd love a purple lampshade!

Color, music, nature, aroma, so much can be healing to our senses.

I had to rent too, and the color of the walls were white. I colored the room with accents, pillows, throws, etc in colors I love and made it more homey. Sounds like you did too.

Lone Beader,
You are definitely surrounded by color. How fun and wonderful for you!

I am sure there are many reasons why we like specific colors, hues and tones. Uniquely our own :)

I know your Reiki must take you and your clients to wonderful colorful healing places. I gotta try Reiki one day.

I used to have plants in my bedroom which did give it a nice nature-y feel. Then I got a cat and she would sit and roll around in them. Needless to say, the cat stayed and the plants went to friend's homes.

I especially enjoy abstract art or still life with deep rich colors.

Hey Deb. So happy to see you.

Muser said...
I checked them out and ordered the egg called Ooggz from amazon. It doesn't look as deeply rich in color as Yuen's cube but I will try it out. I am always looking for things that not only will comfort me, but can be an aid to others as well. Thanks for the links!!!

I totally agree with you :)

I think the cube is so soothing and beautiful.

Deb S. said...

About your update: Woo hoo!

Kahless said...

I am very selective about what colours I wear. I deliberately wear bright colours if I want to cheer myself up.

Awake In Rochester said...

I read some of the info. It can help with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)too? My depression spells seem to hit in winter around the holidays. I wonder I have SAD. We get very little sun in my area during winter. I had such a good summer, no real depression. I am dreading winter.

I'm not good at visualizing. Would a colored light bulb, or a lava lamp help? Or do I need the full spectrum of light? Keep us posted on the cube, the price and such.

therapydoc said...

That picture alone does it for me. Thanks.

Tracy said...

Color is very important to moods i feel! I know just by looking at certain colors i can feel calmer, or even angry depending on the color. I think the color cubes are a great idea!

Teresa Lynne said...

I do use colors a lot! My house is painted in so many colors - I am not one who is afraid of color that is for sure.

I have blue, bamboo, safari green, salmon, burning bush, ocean sands, rubber duck yellow, cloud nine, and spring blossom colors in my house (on my walls!)

Ian Lidster said...

I love vibrant color. One of the reasons I love Hawaii is that people use so much color in their dress, as opposed to the dull drab stuff we wear in northern climes.

Deb said...

I was so happy to get a return email!

Kahless ,
I do the very same thing.

Awake In Rochester,
Yup, true for SAD. My depression dips from around November thru MArch, so I fill my environment with color, light and soothing scents.

therapydoc said...
That picture alone does it for me too. So soft snd soothing

I imagine there are so many wonderful benefits to painting.

Teresa Lynne,
Me as well. I enjoy color. Yours sound so fabulous.

Ian Lidster,
NEver been to Hawaii but think I would love it for this reason alone!

Marj aka Thriver said...

Dealing with a lot lately. And, yes, I've been on a mission of sorts to get more beauty--and color--around me. It does seem to help. Thanks for the informative post! I'd heard of lots of different kinds of therapy, but never color therapy before.

Kate said...

Hi Deb,

did you find a way to purchase the color cube? Currently I'm using a kind of home made version of something similar but it's fragile and not too convenient.

I love the bright colors and try to keep my surrounding in yellow, orange, peach, etc. A cheap thing like repainting the walls have an amazing effect. This works in home but in the choice :(

I also found these two softwares on the web:

Are you using some of them or anything else? What's your experience with colored glasses?

swati said...

Colors can really be magical not only in brightening up the life but also in lifting up the spirit. The cubes look awesome and something to be cherished in a cozy surrounding. Its really great that how different shades can help in changing the shades of viewpoint to look at life. Positivity is something which can really be brought back to space with help of them.

StyleEstate said...

Very cool, indeed. I want one! Nice pictures. I just made a lens on color therapy which you might find interesting. Color Therapy Chakras