Thursday, December 19, 2013

Staying Positive During the Holiday Season

Sometimes it's a challenge to stay positive during the holiday season. 

But here are a few ways that are sure to help keep the hub-bub and the hum-bug to a minimum.

1. Avoid over-scheduling yourself. Use an agenda to keep track of your holiday commitments so that you can physically see what you are committing yourself to. Along with your commitments to others make sure to include some downtime for yourself - even if it is half an hour here and there. Knowing that you have some personal time will help you to stay positive.

2. Lower your expectations. Don’t strive for perfection, good enough is okay.Don’t expect your family to be perfect during the holidays. Be realistic about who they are and what your relationship is like with them all year around. That is especially true of step-families.

3. Make a budget and stick to it. The price of the gift is not equal to how much you love them. Focus on the people that you care about instead of the stuff that really doesn’t matter. Beware of the joy-to-stuff ratio: more stuff does not equal more joy.

4. Spread your socializing in the months after the holidays. Don’t try to pack a year’s worth of socializing into a few weeks. Start a new tradition with friends and make a date with friends for mid January or early February.

5. Get as much sleep as you can. Schedule one or two pajama days for yourself or for the whole family - stay in your pj's and stay home and give yourself permission to rest and enjoy some time together without rushing about.Holidays are for celebrating what is truly important to you, your family, and friends. Make it the holiday you want it to be and chances are you will keep a positive attitude. 


Wanda's Wings said...

The budget one is hard! Especially if you are manic! I so much enjoy your blog. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

S'onnie said...

Hi Dr Deb,

this blog could not have come at a better time as I face the fact that I am having a family christmas and the drama is already starting. My only hope is to make it to boxing day sane!

I hope you have a good holiday period Mere Kirihimete

Dr. Deb said...

The budget is tough. I make one each year and I stick close to it. I always go over, but it's so close that I feel good about it. Wishing you a peaceful holiday and New Year.

I know what you mean. Sometimes the drama starts even before things officially start! Wishing you a good holiday and New Year too.