Sunday, December 02, 2012

Happiness Flow Chart

Simply shown
Not easily achieved


Wanda's Wings said...

The thing is knowing what to change!

kenju said...

Good chart!!

I am still looking forward to reading your book. It has decided to hide from me, but as soon as I find its hiding place, I'll begin.

AdHoc said...

What Wanda said.
The chart is a good reminder though

Mary said...

Hi Deb, Haven't been here in a long time, what a great chart. Happiness is such a wonderful thing, and to change your thinking to positive thinking really helps in your depression. I have come a long way since my first blog, and am now a survivor from incest. I am now advocating for childhood abuse, have had one of my poems made into a song, not that it has gone anywhere, but has been all over facebook, and used on many abuse sites, to bring awareness to childhood abuse. I see myself in a different light now, I am not at fault for anything that happened to me. My depression is very much under control now, although I still take meds for it, but it doesn't consume me anymore. Trying now to come back here to the different bloggers I have come to know and love, been a long time, I have kept up my blog, but I find many of the bloggers I was in contact with are not blogging any longer. All the best to everyone

Barbara altman said...

I love your happiness chart. We tend to become what we think about. If the emphasis is placed on depression, we will become more depressed. If it is placed on happiness, happiness will be the result.