Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's Unique about Your Heart?

You love easily and without fear of rejection. You believe that love is the meaning of life. You wish you could connect with every single person in the world. Relationships are a cornerstone of your life. You think that life has a purpose. You try to live each moment with as much meaning as possible. You deeply care for your friends and family. Anyone close to you feels amazingly loved.


kenju said...

I took the quiz, but I don't agree with it - LOL

shrink on the couch said...

My heart is experienced. Hmm, sounds like old-and-tired ;)

Dr. Deb said...

These little quizzes aren't research based, so no worries.


SeaSpray said...

But, I liked my answer. :) I agree with it ..although I did go to second choice answers and agreed with parts of those.

Kind of like astrology traits..generalizations that we can all identify with at some point.

Miranda said...

My heart is experienced. I think what they said was true for me.

Anonymous said...

My heart is wild according to this.

Purplepineapple said...

My Heart is wild:
You tend to fall in and out of love quite often. Love tends to be a capricious thing for you.
You are passionate and romantic. When you meet the right person, you just know.

You enjoy excitement, change, and even chaos. No one would ever accuse you of being boring.
You may be a heartbreaker, but you couldn't imagine living any other way. You always listen to your heart.

hmmmmm, interesting!!! I actually have to agree with this somewhat.

Thanks for the fun link :)

Anonymous said...



Dr. Deb said...

Fun quiz, right? Thanks for sharing blog friends.