Thursday, April 15, 2010

Six Drug-Free Ways To Boost Your Brain

I just finished The Scientific American Brave New Brain, and, wow, is it a great read. The author, Judith Horstman, is an award winning science journalist. She makes it easy to understand how the brain works, what it does and how we need to take of it.

Here are Horstman's suggestions for drug-free ways to boost your brain power:

1. Exercise it. Physical exercise is the best thing you can do for your brain.

2. Feed it Fat. Our brains are mostly fat and the brain needs fat for fuel. But feed your brain good fats like Omega-3's, nuts and seeds.

3. Stimulate it. To do this you must learn something new and hard. The easy stuff doesn't get your neurons firing.

4. Play with it. Play is very important for brain health. From video games, board games, cards and surfing the net.

5. Serenade it. Music can enhance moods and better sleep and lower blood pressure. Of course, make sure you listen to classical, jazz and other soft sounds - and not thrash-metal

6. Meditate it. Meditation boosts brain functioning as well as the immune system. So get your Ohm on.

I'm happy to say that I do all of these.

How about you?


STAG said...

Jill Boldt Taylor is a neuro physisist who had a stroke, and she studied herself as it was happening. Can't get more immediate than that! Her "ted" talk is here. Its totally fascinating!

I know its not polite to post links, but I thought that you and your readers might like this very inspirational talk. Its only 20 minuits...and worth the trouble. Certainly it is bang on topic!

Dr. Deb said...

Yes, I've watched her TED talk before and she is SO amazing.

And it's perfectly fine to post a link here. I'm going to come by and visit to see what you're working on. You craft such art!

Kahless said...

I ate a chocolate covered rice Krispie treat today. Within seconds of taking the first bite, I felt the buzz in my brain!

Lily said...

LOL @ get your "ohm" on. I do all these things. I find that exercise helps my stress more than anything else. Sometimes my motivation keeps me from it thought!

jumpinginpuddles said...

we have found returning to college has boosted our brain capaticity heaps not to mention our communication sklills LOL

Dr. Deb said...

That happens to me too. I feel the caffeine and the sugar straight away.

I do all of these, but not always the working out one consistently. All the others I do. I can relate to getting off track!

Learning anything new is a great brain booster. I love hearing about how college is helping you all feel so good :)

Unknown said...

So excited to find your blog!

I'm ashamed to admit that I need to start following more of my tips. New resolution: to take better care of my all-important brain.

blogbehave said...

I've got the feed-my-brain-fat suggestion covered. Now to work on hard problems.

Joanna Cake said...

Yup, I do all of those but the one that's helped the most is yoga. Two years ago I would have said it was far too tame for me.

Now I know differently and that it can be a personal challenge that will last a lifetime as well as being both physically and mentally more stimulating than my previous martial arts studies.