Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grand Rounds: 5.9

Welcome to Grand Round 5.9 - a weekly rotation of blogposts in the medical and health fields. I am delighted to be your host again, and present to you the following for your listening pleasure.

"A Sudden Jolt of Sadness" by The Sterile Eye
"Annual ACAAI Meeting" by Allergy Notes
"Crestor and other CRP" by Covert Rationing
"Diagnostic Acumen" by In My Humble Opinion
"Doctors Empowering Parents" by Dr. Nancy Brown
"Flu Vaccine Recommendations for Children" by Dr. Paul Auerbach
"I Am Not Special" by Bongi
"Interview with Dr. David Newman" by Detroit Receiving
"It's Elementary" by The D-Log Cabin
"Medicine in Media" by Medical Pastiche
"My Favorite VBAC" by Rural Doctoring
"Ritual" by Dr. Bruce Campbell
"Sciatica and the Saline Story" by Back Pain Blog
"Selenium/Vitamin E Don't Prevent Prostate Cancer" by Laika
"Should Doctor Sex Scandals Be Made Public" by Canadian Medicine
"Sometimes Death is a Good Thing" by You Just Gotta Keep Livin'
"Teratoma: One Patient One Disease" by Dr. Am Ang Zhang
"Tips for New Medical Bloggers" by Clinical Cases & Images
"Which Stretch Stops Back Pain" by Dr. Jolie Bookspan

"1,000 Cranes" by Dethmama Chronicles
"Bariatric Surgery: Psychological Considerations" Suture for a Living
"Borderline Personality" by Clinically Clueless
"Can We Pick Your Brain" by Dr. Joshua Steinerman
"Freezing and Unfreezing" by In Sickness & In Health
"Kudos for the General" by Doc Gurley
"Marx" by CBTISH
"New DSM Diagnosis" by Tiny Shrink
"Obsession with Internal Medicine" by ACP Internist
"Resilience" by Health Psych
"Studing Sin" by Neuroanthropology
"The Future of the Aging Society" by Dr. Alvaro Fernandez
"Understanding Social Anxiety" by Psych Central
"Virtual Reality Therapy for PTSD" by Dr. Shock

"Gluten Free Eating" by A Chronic Dose
"Rules of Engagement" by Diabetes Mine
"The Diving Bell & The Butterfly" by How to Cope With Pain
"The Things I Carried" by Duncan Cross
"Understanding Stress" by Mother of Shrek
"Walking From The Heart" by Own Your Health
"What I've Learned from Being One Armed" by ChronicBabe
"When a Doctor is a Patient" by e-Patient Dave

"Coordination of Care Fractures Medical System" by Dare to Dream
"Dear President-Elect Obama" by Repairing the Healthcare System
"DNV David Harlow & Hospital Accreditation" by HealthBlawg
"Heart Failure Hospitalizations Rates Surge" by Dr. Mercola
"Live from the Operating Room" by Change:Healthcare
"One in Five Hospital Stays Involve Mental Illness" by MHA Society
"The Implications for Live Tweeting Surgery" by Healthcare Law Blog
"Was It a Very Good Year" by InsureBlog
"World Diabetes Day" by International Diabetes Foundation

Many thanks to "Executive Producers" Colin Son and Dr. Val Jones, as well as "Grandmaster" Dr. Nick Genes. For without them, none of this would be possible. Grand Rounds drops again at Canadian Medicine on Tuesday, November 25th. But before you go, check out my playlist of music inspired by your Grand Round submissions.


rlbates said...

Really nice edition!

Teresa said...

This is awesome! I have to check some out :)

Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC said...

Great job, Dr Deb!

Thanks for hosting, and for including our post.

Laurie said...

Thanks for hosting and including my post. Love the playlist theme!

Jeffrey said...

wow. nicest succinct edition ever! :)

Barbara K. said...

Well done. Thanks for including my post.

Bruce said...

Great job! So many posts to look at.

Bo... said...

This is a great edition--thank you very much!

Clueless said...

Great layout. I love your music selection. The first one happens to be one of my favorites. They actually accepted my submission!! :-) Thank you for hosting.

Doc Gurley said...

We'll be bopping along to the tune of these great articles for a while - thanks for the playlist!

Ian Lidster said...

No wonder you are so respected. You're such a gem, so hard-working and yet such a lovely human being. Kudos to you.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Lots to read :)

Thanks, Deb!


Dean Moyer said...

Great job. Thanks for hosting.

The Angry Medic said...

Whoa. My first Grand Rounds upon getting back to the blogosphere, and it's a good 'un. Liking the concise version, and the clever iPod headings.

In short, iLIIIIIIKE! (ahaha seewhatIdidthere I used the iPod 'i--' style and combined it with Borat's trademark screech and so it's funny geddit? ahaha okay I'll shut up now.)

Sam Solomon said...

Next week's Grand Rounds will be hosted by Canadian Medicine. Details are here.

Laika said...

Wow this swings!

Tracy said...

Oh how wonderful! I will be checking several of these out! Thanks!

dethmama said...

What a great job! Your theme is priceless. Thanks!

Am Ang Zhang said...

I love theatre, and opera too. Great edition.

Mother Jones RN said...

I love the playlist theme. It's awesome! Thanks for hosting Grand Rounds.


TBTAM said...


Thanks for hosting.

Health Psych said...

Excellentedition, Deb!

Dave_MSW said...

Wow! Thanks for the link!