Friday, April 06, 2007

Depression, Anxiety & Meredith Vieira

Meredith Vieira, co-host of The Today Show revealed to Ladies Home Journal magazine that she suffers from anxiety and bouts of depression.

Thanks for expanding The View, Ms. Vieira!
(I know, I know, but I couldn't resist the pun)

Here's to more high profile individuals taking on mental illness and stigma.


Nancy said...

I think all American's now suffer from some form of Anxiety or Depression after 9/11. Our false sense of security, hope and life had been shattered after that day. I for one was paralyzed with fear. I would or could not go out into public places, I cried constantly and most of all I was fearful for my kids well being. Mreedith Vieria and the rest of the US are victims, whether it's from that terrible Tues, 9/11 2001 or the just the crazy world we all now live in

OHN said...

I agree with Nancy. I would bet that more people do have some component of anxiety/depression, than don't. In a way it is a little sad to me that it doesn't become "valid" till a celebrity announces they suffer from this or that..suddenly it becomes vogue to have the same thing. I think people forget that even celebrities are people first.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I feel that my life has changed drastically from the 911 incident. I much rather stay at home than venture anywhere else in fear of people(crowds)thinking someone is out to hurt me. Friends and family call me anti-social. Not a good thing but at least I feel safe and secure.

Jade said...

Wouldn't it be nice if anxiety and depression were not stigmatized. Hopefully the more people come out about their anxiety and depression, the less shame individuals will feel. I also hope this will lead to a hightened level of awareness and education around the issue.

Anonymous said...

While I'm grateful for high profile people bringing the light to illnesses such as depression, it saddens me that it takes high profile people to bring attention to them.

Angel Chasse said...

Thanks for posting this Dr Deb!
Now I am going to go out and get the magazine... Seeing/Hearing about these high profile people always makes me feel a little more "normal"... Goes on to prove (in my opinion, at least) that money and fame, and a great job can NOT make all of your troubles go away. Everyone has to work on things.... Happy Easter!!!!

Scruffybutt said...

Oh great, now I guess I'll have to try to actually abide, nay, even *like* Meredith Viera. Damn.*

Okay, seriously - I'm glad she had the courage to speak about anxiety and depression. There is *still* such a stigma about it. Maybe this will help others out there cope.

*When they announced that Meridith Viera was leaving The View, I thought, great, now I can watch it. But they replaced her with Rosie O'Donnell. Ack!
And when they announced that Katie Couric was leaving The Today Show, I thought, oh good, now I can watch the Today Show, but they replaced her with Meridith Viera.
Now, if I ever hear that they're replacing Rosie O'Donnell, I'll hold my enthusiasm until I hear who the replacement is, because it'll probably be Donald Trump.

dragonflyfilly said...

Fortunately i have won my battle with depression (for now), but i have felt brief period of "sadness" because of this new physical disability; i was worried that it would move into full-blown depression, but i have managed to circumvent that...

keep up the good work...and i actually just wanted to say that your new profile photo is lovely,

cheers for now,

Ian Lidster said...

Good for her. As you know in your field that for too long psychological illness was shoved way off in a backroom somewhere in hopes that nobody would ever find out, and people ended up, out of shame, not getting the help they needed. I so admire people who can come clean about such matters.


jane said...

I appreciate when someone like Meredith Viera comes out, so to speak. It takes a lot, cuz you know some idiot is gonna single her out because of this.
I found a quote Fmr. President Clinton said & I like it, “Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.”

Cathy said...

Dr. Deb;
Great new profile photo!
I had missed this article, but it is good that she is able to raise awareness by speaking about this.

- brydz - said...

we have had only one NZ celebrity 'come out' about depression. John Kirwin. I would really like to meet him, but unfortunately he is now living overseas.

John C said...

Sorry, but it sounds like Meredith's minimizing things. More like PR buzz to identify with people. I still think she should have just stuck with the 'Millionaire' show, but that's my opinion.

Cheesemeister said...

I always thought Jane Pauley was very bold to talk about her bipolar disorder.
Not that its more important when high profile people talk about it, but when they have the courage to it gets noticed by more people, and that can help end the stigma.

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Nancy,
Many of us in the field agree with your thoughts on this!

Dear OHN,
It is sad to see how world affairs and the media have worn down our defenses. I use the celeb disclosures in a positive way, but you are right - until a high profile person talks about it, it doesn't become valid.

Dear Retro,
I share your thoughts as well. I have become more "hermit-like" since the event.

Dear Jade,
Wow, I couldn't have said it any better than that. Nice comments.

Dear Traci,
There is a double edge to this, that you and others point out very well. It shouldn't take a celeb to bring validity to subjects.

Dear Angel,
It is true that fame and celeb status do not equal happiness. Good view!

Dear Scruffy,
You are one smart puppy, and a witty one too.

Dear Dragon,
I am always happy to learn when this happens. Good for you!

Dear Ian,
True. Backroom status. I like to use different ways to get such issues into the limelight, like this post.

Dear Jane,m
I think that quote is awesome.

Dear Cathy,
Any way to take a bit outta stigma is good by me!

Dear Brydz,
I don't know much about him....I'm gonna google and learn. Thanks for telling us.

Dear John C.,
Opinions are always welcome here. I can see that point of view, but I've followed her history since she was a fledgling reporter in NY. She's mentioned it years ago, but not "formally" like this. I do think there ARE celebs who use the PR train to chug out their own self-promotion though.

Dear Cheese,
Jane P. is a hero to all who have the BP or experience any mental illness!


jumpinginpuddles said...

ok our issue lies here, people stand up and notice even applaud celebs courage for talking about depression, it even feels like now they are talking the rest of the world are believing. But my issue lies with the fact does that mean for the millions of people around th world until celebs start talking they were lying.
Just sad that we have to have celebrities tell things that non celebrities have been feeling for years,and now have people take notice

MYSTI said...

Great Post.

Happy Easter Dr. Deb

Godwhacker said...

I don't think it's normal not to have some anxiety and depression in this world. I think it means two things ~ you're aware and you care. I have a good friend who is afraid of driving on the expressway. She used to avoid it altogether, but now she must do it because of her job. I said "Girl, it's ok to be afraid and nervous, just don't let that fear stop you. If you can't conquer that fear on your own, there are people who can help you."

When it comes to life on earth, "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own". And thats ok.

Id it is said...

That sure does help when celebrities come out and declare that they too are human. However, this also helps getting the big bucks in for research in that area which subsequently translates into better medications and treatments for those conditions.
But, I wonder whether there is yet another dimension to this; we as a society need to make some basic changes in the way we interact to facilitate genuine and extended interaction between fellow beings so that we can reduce the loneliness that exists in our worlds.

Who better than you Deb to do a post on that. We'd all benefit.

Anonymous said...

But you know what, I'm going to try and overcome my fear but getting out more.

- brydz - said...

hey hun
John Kirwan was an All Black, so is pretty famous here in NZ.
just letting you know that I've shifted.
I'll still be stopping by


Dr. Deb said...

Dear JIP,
It is sad that it takes this kind of exposure to reduce stigma. But, I'll take it and use it to help!

Dear Mysti,

Dear GW,
You are right to point out that there is an acceptable level of stress and sadness that comes with everyday living. In fact, you are timely GW, the NYT highlights an article about just what you've mentioned. You smarty, you!

Dear ID,
I try to dilute the myths that linger with regard to from mental illness. Anything that can aid me in that mission is grist for the mill.

Dear Retro,
In small steps, things can improve, but only when and if you are ready.

Dear Brydz,
I'll update my link to you.


DrGwenn said...

Hi Dr Deb:

Great blog!!

I agree with other a pediatrician the stress I see on today's families and parents is enormous. Every one I know has a tad more wear and tear than a few years ago. The more this is "normalized" the more people who need the help will hopefully get it.

Dr. G