Monday, December 04, 2006

The Analytical Couch and Sir Paul

In an recent interview with Radio Times Magazine , Sir Paul McCartney said that writing music was great therapy but sometimes he sought treatment on the analytical couch - psychoanalysis, that is.

It's great when high profile individuals share their success with psychotherapy. It takes the shame out of going to seek help.

I've adored "The Beatles" my whole life.
And now I love Paul even more.

I don't think my husband will mind.

The Telegraph


Anonymous said...

We've loved the Beatles as long as can remember. It IS helpful when High profile people talk of their possitive experience...does seem to be over shadowed by the other end of the spectrum though! Do you think Paul would jump up and down on Oprah's couch screaming how great therapy is?!? It's a thought...a silly one, but definitely a thought.

As an aside...thank you for stopping by our blog and offering support to Sera. She doesn't often respond, but she does read and it does help. Things are not improved in that area but we, T and friends are ON IT!


marie said...

I think it really cool that Sir Paul made these admissions. It shows that he is a human being with problems in addition to being a rock ledgend!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Sir Paul!

But "Help!" was a John song.


The world would be a better place if everyone had a good hairdresser, masseur, and therapist.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is good to see that high profile/celebrity people are "coming out of the MI closet" more and more.

Here's to more honesty *raises glass*

I was this close to getting into a gala fundraiser of a charity event hosted by none other than Margot Kidder (instead, I had to go for the cheapie tix on another night but it was still good.)

But talk about coming out! Who can forget her Hollywood "press release?" Oy.

I mean, I feel for her. I haven't been delusional but I've been very messed up. I've just never had it splashed across the front page of newspapers around the world. It doesn't make it any less painful, however.

Too bad I never got a chance to meet her. I would have loved to talk to her.

I'm pretty happy that Margaret Trudeau came out about being bipolar just recently.

Hey, maybe it's all about being tough Canadian women advocates *wink*

alan said...

When someone who is not only a celeb, but who has seemed so "well-adjusted" for his whole life says that, it means even more!

He deserves that "Sir", I think!


Dreaming again said...

I'm definitely in agreement with Godwhacker!

I've got the therapist ... I only get my hair done when I can't stand it anymore (the thing with long straight hair ... it can get ignored)

I really would love to go with a regular massage!


Id it is said...

That is one of my favorite albums! The Beatles are a class apart!

Heidi said...

A high 5 to Paul! .....Now if it can only be afforable for all who need and want it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr Deb!
I guess I hadn't thought of this analytically, but I often immerse myself in music when I need to think things through.... and I even post song lyrics on my blog :) :) I guess that I have always been a "lyrics" girl and my huband is a "music guy" :):) So we both love music in our own way... :)
Thanks for the post!!!

Angel Chasse (again)

MeMe said...

You know... I sure do miss hearing meaningful lyrics to songs. The Beatles lyrics were deep... some of them. If you could stop looking at Ringo shaking his head while drumming... you might really get a buzz of wisdom.
Do you think SOME song writers have a better grip of life??? where they can really tune into reality and love and life and sing about it and make you want to DANCE DANCE DANCE???
Music can be such an important thing in life... my opinion of course.
I say... give me an artist from a therapist couch any day OVER an artist from "Jail House Rock" hehehehehe

Sunnie Dee said...

You are so right, its great to hear of celebrities speaking out about this. Here in nz they ran an add campaign with celebrities where they talked about mental health issues that they have had or are dealing with.

mysti said...

I adore the Beatles! Very cool.

OHN said...

On more than one occasion I have thought that it should be a requirement for everyone to attending a series of counseling sessions at some point in their lives...even those that don't think they need any help. Sometimes just saying out loud some of your thoughts can help you understand who you really are and maybe help show how you got there.

Anonymous said...

And Paul, we know from history, was a big pot head, so this just shows that DRUGS are not the way to therapy FIRST!

Anonymous said...

Anyone looking for intelligent lyrics should check out my current favorite singer/songwriter Eric Himan. He's and independent artist with enough intelligent lyric to put him up with the best of the 60's and 70's. He can also sing and plays a mean guitar.

"I've been told that money rules the world, but with no purpose money has no worth"

Anonymous said...

Sometimes life demands more than a belief in that "all you need is love," and I commend Macca (as the Brits call him) for recognizing that. I was always more of a Lennon buff, but you couldn't have one without the other in that brilliant collaboration.
Thanks Deb.


BarBarA said...

John will always be "my Beatle" and this coming Friday is the anniversary of his death.

But I am glad Paul spoke up on this - RIGHT ON, PAUL!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear Fallen,
I don't think Paul would scream on Oprah's couch, but that would be a sight to imagine! PS: I'm always glad to offer support.

Dear MArie,
I so TOTALLY agree with you ;)

Dear GOdwhacker,
Well.....technically John wrote most of it, but I thought I read that they both had a hand in it. The real reason I chose the song was for the title. I love your list of three. Your solution would solve a lot of issues - both locally, globally and personally.

Dear PAtient,
I did not read about Margaret Trudeau, so this is fabulous news to learn. I think it's wonderful that she disclosed this info. Every bit helps us all. Your so-close brush with Margot Kidder must've been disappointing.

Dear Sir Alan,
Sir is a good title. I think you'd sound good with it as well.

Dear Dreaming,
Many moons ago, a friend of mine would come a regularly do massage therapy for me and my hubby. It was so wonderful. I never felt better. Alas, she moved out of state. I think the world would be a better place with all three of GW suggestions!

Dear Id,
I so agree, my friend!

Dear Heidi,
It would be great if services could be afforded. I encourage professionals to do pro bono work and slide their fee scales so everyone can benefit. Sadly, not everyone likes to do that.

Dear Angel,
Here, here. Music is so healing.

Dear Meme,
I think you can feel, hear and see the generational differences in music. I miss the innocnece of certain eras gone by.

Dear Sunnie,
How great that NZ has this campaign going on. On another note, I spent an hour watching a travel show on your most beautiful country. I think I have to visit!!!! What beauty!

Dear Mysti,
I remember staying up late as a little one watching them on the Ed Sullivan show. It was magical. Hope you are doing well.

Dear Ohn,
You are so wise. The expereince of telling your story aloud *is* what is so healing about therapy.

Dear Anonymous,
LOL, that is a most excellent point!

Dear GW,
I will check him out. Thanks for sharing.

Dear Ian,
That's right, "Macca" is the loving nickname over in his homeland. I held an admiration for each Beatle. They were so special in their own way. Did you visit Abbey Road or Apple Studios when you were there?

Dear BArbara,
I remember the night Lennon was shot so clearly. It came on the news late at night. I was stunned and found myself crying. Do you recall where you were? It is hard to believe it's been so many years since that tragedy.


Chris Roberts said...

He is right, I have stress and writing has helped me a lot. I write all the time at and they have helped me relax a lot.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear Chris,
Writing can help, you are right. But I love how he endorses analysis.