Thursday, September 14, 2006

Perception and Illusion

Time for more fun
with the mind's eye.

Can you see the word?

I love this one.

Can you read two words?


Donna said...

Those word pictures are always fun :) And yes, I could see all the words in the pictures.

Moof said...

Those are great, Dr. Serani! In he first one, I can only see the word ...

You're making me want to put some more puzzles up! :o)

alan said...

I love the last in a nutshell!


Wanda's Wings said...

I like the good and evil one best.

Sarebear said...

YES, I got em all right off the bat. Those are COOOOOL! Especially the ambiguous one. Whee.

~Deb said...

I got good and evil on the last one, but the first one was "WEST" to me. Was it supposed to be something different? I love these types of things.

Miranda said...

thats cool.

Ian Lidster said...

Ah, Deb, you reminded me of the old days back in Psych 100. Thank you.


Fallen Angels said...

I'm with moof...I can ONLY see the word in the first one...and it's the very first thing I saw as your page loaded!

CrackerLilo said...

The bottom one would make an awesome tattoo. Good *and* evil!

Nancy said...

Hi Dr.deb
I got the first two right away and only saw "good". after reading the comments i had to find the 'evil'.
its funny how the mind can be so blind.

Heidi said...

I enjoy these..Gets your mind off of things for a few mins. Didn't get the " evil"..I'm going to go back and tak a 2nd look.

Dr. A said...

The last one is my favorite as well. Isn't perception reality?

healthpsych said...

Great fun!

cathy said...

OMG...I can do these. This is like a big deal because I can usually not do any of these things. Now I know I can do word ones...:)

OHN said...

It always blows my mind when I can see something after staring at it that I would swear wasn't there before! Remember in the 90's all the "pictures" you had to hold close to your nose and slowly move it forward while staring to find an object? Those drove me nuts! LOL

Clare said...

Thanks Deb. I always enjoy these word things :).

PalmTreeChick said...

I love those types of things.

Deb S. said...

Cool! Fun post.

Wendy C. said...

Yep! That was interesting :-)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...


Dear Moof,
In the first one, there is only one word.

Dear Alan,
Yes, the last one is amazingly poignant.

Dear Wanda,
I thought that one would be hard to see on the computer. I'm glad it didn't lose any of its composition.

Dear Sarebear,

Dear ~Deb,
Nope, West. That's it. Some people can only see the shapes that surround the word.

Dear Miranda,
You're cool too !

Dear Ian,
I loved whenever a class presented these too.

Dear Fallen,
You mean, you can't see any of the others or do you mean you can only see one word in the first example?

Dear Crackerlilo,
You are SO right about that. It'd make an awesome tatoo.

Dear Nancy,
Not blind, just perception making it hard for you to make sense of things.

Dear Heidi,
It takes a little time to catch where it is.

Dear Dr. A.
Perception *is* reality.

Dear Healthpsych,
I like to have fun things to do in the blog too. Serious subjects are important, but so are the lighter ones.

Dear CAthy,
::::throws confetti::::

Dear Ohn,
I remember the imbedded pictures of the 90's all too well. Spent many a time staring, unfocusing, etc to make the image appear. I was like Mr. Pitt in the Seinfeld episode when he can't see the picture.

Dear Clare,
So happy you found them fun.

Dear Palmtree
Me too.

Dear Deb,
I like playing with illusions and sharing them. So glad you enjoyed these.

Dear Wendy,
So you got them all. Great!


Fallen Angels said...

Sorry...I saw all three, but the first one jumped out and screamed west! lol

Anonymous said...

I think the reason the WEST so obvious is that the box around it defines the word. If you click on the gif you see it without the outline and then the WEST is a little harder to see.

puhpaul said...

I love word puzzles and optical illusions. A friend once bought me a book of these types of puzzles. The illusion I still remember the best is one of a dalmation in the snow. Thanks for posting these.


Rose said...

Good an evil. Where do you get these images?

Lynn said...

Wow. I thought the last one said Good and Cool.

mysti said...

Yep I could see all the words. I am with wanda on this one I loved the one you could see that was evil, inside the Good. Great!

Anonymous said...

Ok... now you've done it... I'm dizzy already. And here I thought my day of morning dizziness were behind me. ;)


Carie said...

I love things like this, me and my daughter bought a ton of books with puzzles like these, lol we play them all the time, I saw all of them but I must admit the last one took me a moment to see the 2nd word lol

Joel said...

The last one just about sums it up....

Todd and in Charge said...

Great puzzlers, keep them coming.

I only saw good in the last one....

BarBarA said...

Wow, it took me a minute to see the last one - that was good.

If you have time to stop by my blog I'd love a professional's input on the topic (related to models and celebrities being super thin and how if affects girls/women)

Alison said...

Very cool fun, thank you!

Angel Chasse said...

Hey Dr Deb!

Fun post :) thanks for sharing it! I'd like to host a website full of optical illusions sometime... but it seems I am not good at keeping up with my website as it is :) LOL
Thanks again!

Angel Chasse (again)

Dawn said...

these are fun :D

the good and evil one is great

drytears said...

I only saw the first one... but you have to take in to account that I am very tired and super drugged up on muscle relxants and narcotics :S yikes!

fun stuff!

kath said...

of course! good and evil..
not always easy to tell the difference in whatever format, eh?

these were fun!

take care

Phylameana said...

Hi, enjoyed your post! FYI - your blog has been paid tribute to in today's Carnival of Healing Tribute Tour.

Borneo Breezes said...

Dr. Deb- I have come this way a couple of times but never could see the site because of the dark background. Again Moof recommended you and this time -different computer--and finally I can see you. Really I tried and could not lighten up the display on several different computers so I could make out the words. So I must make hay while the sun shines.

Playground in my Mind said...

I saw them all, too. The ambiguity is very interesting. I don't always "see" things, so I"m ready to turn handsprings;) Renee

Sid Schwab said...

Finally wandered your way after seeing references to you all over the place. Nice. This is a fun post; all the others are nourishing food for thought and enjoyment.

jumpinginpuddles said...

i like the ambiguity one how cool is that lmao

sjobs said...

I love those pictures. They can be so challenging to the brain.

Thanks for posting them.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear FAllen,
WEst does jump out!

Dear Anonymous,
You are right about the border thing.

Dear Puhpual,
The dalmation one is VERY famous!

Dear Rose,
I surf the web and found these. I did a search on "fun optical illusions"

Dear Lynn,
I thought so too. Very creative.

Dear Mysti,
The Good Evil one is so well done. I agree with you and Wanda too :)

Dear Godwhacker,
You're so silly.

Dear Carie,
I like things like these and especially hidden pictures ones.

Dear Joel,
It *is* a clever illusion.

Dear Todd,
That's because you are pure in soul.

Dear Barbara,
I will come by for a visit in a while.

Dear Alison,

Dear Angel,
A site devoted to illusions would be WAY cool. I think you have a great idea there.

Dear DAwn,
I love these fun things too. I found some more and will be putting them on soon.

Dear Drytears,
At least you saw one! Hope you are well and that school is enjoyable.

Dear Kath,
That is so well said, my friend.

Dear Phylameana,
Wow, thanks!

Dear Borneo,
Such a bummer that the display is so dark. I guess it doesn't help that my template is dark blue.

Dear Renee,
I like the Ambiguity one. Everytime I see it spin my focus changes.

Dear Sid,
Thank you, Doc. I am swinging by your blogplace for a spell.

Dear JIP,
Isn't it amazing how the eye "sees" things.

Dear Sjobs,
I think they stimulate the ol'gray matter too. Illusions and puzzles are fun AND good for us!


HeiressChild said...

this was fun. i didn't see the evil until it was mentioned, then i had to go back and really look at it to see it.


Pharmamedics said...

Cool. Great post. Great intertaining post.

difficultpt said...

TAG, you're it again! I've curious to see what music you listen to!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Dear Heiress,
Now I bet you CAN see it.

Dear Pharm,

Dear DP,
On my way....