Friday, August 01, 2014

Gallup Poll: State of Well-Being in the U.S.

A recent 2014 Gallup Poll cited levels of well-being in the USA. Research was done with over 85 thousand Americans and focused on 5 levels of well-being: Purpose, Social, Financial, Community and Physical. Below are more detailed definitions of these categories.

  • Purpose well-being is composed of questions about having an inspiring leader, daily activity, goals, and strengths.
  • Social well-being includes questions about relationships with friends and family, personal time, and received encouragement and support.
  • Financial well-being is made up of questions about standard of living, ability to afford basic necessities, and financial worry.
  • Community well-being includes questions about community pride, involvement, and safety and security.
  • Physical well-being includes questions related to alcohol, drug, and tobacco use; current disease burden and past diagnoses; exercise; and eating habits.
Gallup reports that half of Americans are thriving in only one well-being element or none at all. And fewer than one in five U.S. adults are thriving in four or five elements, which indicates that many individuals are not experiencing well-being. 

When it comes to enhancing your own well-being, remember that there are aspects you can and cannot control. For example, while you may not be able to make more money to increase your financial well-being, but you can improve your social, community, physical and purpose well-being. 

Set realistic goals and make sure to appreciate the meaningful connections you experience.

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Unknown said...

Interesting statistics for sure. Guess it is not surprising that people's physical well-being is one of the most neglected. It seems that people being overrun with their work and family lives probably takes a toll on our bodies. If only we could adopt a 30-hour work week, or maybe just stick to a 40 hour one? All of this work is definitely causing our stress hormones to be in overdrive!