Thursday, May 01, 2014

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

I'm Blogging for Mental Health.

In honor of May as Mental Health Awareness Month, I'll be giving away 2 autographed copies of my award winning book "DEPRESSION AND YOUR CHILD: A GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS."

Research shows that children, even babies, experience depression. The clinical term is called Pediatric Depression, and rates are higher now than ever before. In the United States alone, evidence suggests that up to 1% of babies, 4 percent of preschool-aged children, 5 percent of school-aged children, and 11 percent of adolescents meet the criteria for major depression.

Suicide is significantly linked to depression, so early diagnosis and treatment of Pediatric Depression is not just extremely important – it is life-saving. 

Depression is a serious, but treatable condition, but only 38% of adults with diagnosable mental health problems and less than 20% of children and adolescents receive needed treatment.

Learn the signs of pediatric depression and ways to get help. Treatment offers recovery, healing and most of all, hope.

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Depression and Your Child by Deborah Serani

Depression and Your Child

by Deborah Serani

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SeaSpray said...

Why would there be an increase? Is it due to more awareness ...or something else.

One thing stands out to me.

Everywhere I go seems parents are on their phones. Even at restaurants when they should all be talking, etc. Mom on her phone, dad on his ..teenagers and younger on theirs. And I feel concern for children being ignored by their parents because of electronics. :(

I've really wondered about the effects. And then older children - facebook. Fun yet an be hurtful too.

I also wonder about the (what I perceive to be), the breakdown of family values, morals and narcissistic lifestyles thrust at them everywhere they turn. I'm not at all old fashioned but it seems wholesomeness and values are harder to keep central to children's lives. And fear. I think in this country ...with school shootings and violence on rise ...maybe in one way they are desensitized but it has to effect them in other ways too.

Sorry so long. :)

Dr. Deb said...


You hit on many of the reasons. Great insights. The uptick is because of many of these facts and the ability to diagnose better. The issue here is that many don't get the treatment needed, which is life changing and life saving.