Monday, December 13, 2010

Tips for Getting Thru the Holidays

Overexpectation. This is the single biggest cause of holiday stress. Unrealistic hopes that everything will be perfect, and everyone will be happy can only lead to disappointment, frustration and even depression. Be realistic and enjoy the true meaning of the holidays, which is about celebration and togetherness – not perfection.

Overscheduling. Most of our lives are already overscheduled, even before adding in holiday visits, religious events, and travel. Make plans carefully in advance and don’t be afraid to say “No!" if you feel burdened.

Overindulging. Eat, drink and be merry…within reason. Overeating can worsen certain health problems and causes unneeded guilt over extra pounds. Enjoy the bounty of special celebrations but don’t go overboard.

Overpaying. Don't confuse “stuff” with love. Make a budget and stick to it. Most of all, remember to give the gift of time to children. Long after the $100 video games are forgotten, kids will remember sledding down hills with you.

. Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for food and presents. Shop ahead of time. Use the Internet. And don’t go it alone! Delgate if necessary.

Overbearing Relatives. Family conflicts can resurface during what should be ideal moments. Try to avoid falling into old tensions or old roles. If certain people are problematic, be creative with seating or invite people to different occasions at different times. Set aside differences until after the holidays. If friction arises, leave the room to baste the turkey or take a walk with someone.

Overstressed. Keep an eye out for signs of discomfort and stress that takes its toll on your body and mind. Head or backaches, nightmares, withdrawal, irritability and other out-of-character behaviors are a sign that you have taken on too much.

How are you doing with the Holidays?


onelongjourney said...

Very good advice. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Wanda's Wings said...

I definitely agree with the # 1 reason. Been there too many times.

Dr. Deb said...


I thought it was good advice too.

#1 used to do me in too. With adjusted expectations, I do now.

Anonymous said...

i just want the gingerbread cookie....


Rose said...

I'm "oversleeping". Is that bad?

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Anon,
I like gingerbread too.

Dear Rose,
Oversleeping isn't bad unless it gets in the way of you taking care of daily issues or avoiding emotions things.

Continuing Education for Social Workers said...

Great seasonal recommendations- thanks!!

AdmGln said...

Great tips! Thanks.

Dreaming again said...

I think I may have adjusted my expectations a bit too much .. now I just simply want it to be over and gone and wish I didn't have to deal with it?
Not a in a depressive way, I just ... I don't know .. my kids are older and my focus is school ..and I've had a tough semester. I just want to hibernate and not worry about decorating or UNdecorating ... pressure.

Guess I'm kind of grinchy but not really. just ..blah.

Dr. Deb said...

I can totally understand all that.

TK Kerouac said...

Xmas shopping all done
And bought a stuffed bird this year, to save a little extra time for sitting with family

I think women in particular are more stressed this time of year trying to get everything looking Martha Stewartish!

Sassy'sPsyche said...

I am having an awful time of it. I hate all the materialism, but I am not religious, either. My mother and sister live far away, by my choice I guess. My new (3yrs) husband is a dear, but I feel guilty that he'd like more. I have a daughter and grandson, daughter an alcoholic and her son rarely leaves his bedroom, but am sure he expects some cash for Christmas.
No money, I am a caregiver my husband is unemployed. Yesterday I contemplated ending my miserable life, but guilt kept me from doing it