Friday, November 20, 2009

Suicide Survivors Awareness Day

Every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention sponsors National Survivors of Suicide Day - reaching out to thousands of people who have lost a loved one to suicide. This Saturday, November 21, 2009, is their 11th year of raising awareness and providing support.

Over 230 simultaneous conferences for survivors of suicide loss will take place throughout the U.S. and across the world. An amazing network of healing conferences is available for those who have survived the tragedy of suicide loss. Connecting on this day allows survivors to know that they are not alone in this experience. And perhaps more important than anything else, research has shown that survivors of suicide contribute significantly in better understanding suicide and its prevention. There is great power in the personal narrative.

To find a city worldwide where a conference is being held link here and here

Read more on suicide outreach and about the 10 common myths about suicide here

Andriessen, K. (2009). Can Postvention Be Prevention? Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, 30 (1), 43-47 DOI: 10.1027/0227-5910.30.1.43


Willow's Bridge said...

Thank you for posting this. I'm not sure that those who've never been effected by this ever quite 'get it'.

It's so seldom talked about ..and those who love us, seldom want to hear what we have to say on the issue because it makes everyone so uncomfortable.

There is an inherant shame that is involved in being the loved one .. it shouldn't exist, but it does.

(signed, Pk/Dreaming Again)

Heidi said...

Deb..I would like to share something..I receive Note's From the Universe..This is what came this morning in my email..It was perfect timing for me to see something like this and i hope it can help others and just insert your own name. xo

"Think back to a happy time, Heidi. A really, really happy time in your life. Go back as far as it takes, to a time when you felt so light you thought you might float.

Do you remember it? The carefree feeling? The acceptance of the moment, of yourself, of life? Feeling unfettered by thoughts of the future and oblivious to the past?

Feel it a little longer...

There. Very nice.

The Universe"

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

This topic is close to my heart in many ways for many reasons. I will post about it tomorrow too. Thanks.

Wanda's Wings said...

Thanks for sharing this.

jumpinginpuddles said...

but even for survivors of attempters of suicide, because it all hurts

Clare said...

Suicide is actually talked about quite often because as awful as it sounds the most popular way to go in London is to throw yourself under a train or a tube.
We usually complain because it completely messes up the trains when we are trying to get home from work. We often don't stop to think about how is has affected the driver of the train or what state the person must have been in to do such a thing in the first place.

Anonymous said...

important day.


Anonymous said...

all truths in reading the article fo "common myths". No one that has never experienced even the mere thought of suicide will ever get it. It always erked me when someone would say,"oh, she won't do it, shes taling about it, people who talk about it don't do it". Well thats so untrue, it happens often. I myself wanting to ill myself so often, now that I do talk about it to some, but they don't hear me.Its pain, pure pain that I feel and as much as I know it will hurt my family and friends, when I am in the mode I am in, I can't think about "thier pain" because I am in so much of my own.