Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gene for Borderline Personality

A large scale study across numerous countries has revealed genetic material on chromosome nine was linked to Borderline Personality Disorder . BPD is characterized by pervasive instability in moods, interpersonal relationships, self-image and behavior, and can lead to suicidal behavior, substance abuse and failed relationships, among other things.

According to researchers, "The highest linkage peak was found on chromosome 9p at marker D9S286 with a logarithm of odds score of 3.548 (empirical P=0.0001). "

Yeah, I don't know what that means either, but it implies that genetic origins continue to underscore mental illness as a real thing. So take that, nonbelievers!

For more, check out the Science Daily article here

Distel, M., Hottenga, J., Trull, T., & Boomsma, D. (2008). Chromosome 9: linkage for borderline personality disorder features Psychiatric Genetics, 18 (6), 302-307 DOI: 10.1097/YPG.0b013e3283118468


OHN said...

I hope that in my lifetime "they" find the sources of most mental illnesses so that people are not labeled and are able to be helped through either pharmaceuticals or other medical or therapeutic avenues.

Personally I think that people have some differences in "wiring" that make us what we are. Some of us are able to manage "normally" while others struggle.

Like I have said a million times--we are born the way we are going to be.

Teresa Lynne said...

As someone who has bipolar disorder, I do believe in genetic/biological factors. However, environmental plays a big role, too in ones life.

My daughter may have BPD - but I cannot get her help at this time (she is an adult who is 22 years old)...I am there for her but she is abusive, self-centered, and very unappreciative.

Its hard as a mother, but I wonder if it is due to a lack of Biological parenting - I am divorced, remarried to a great man, but the biological father literally ignored her exsistence.

They haven't spoken in 12 years! Subtract 12 from 22....

Dr. Deb said...

We definitely have differences in our wiring and genetics, as well as differences in our culture and experience. So much goes into who we are.

Dear Teresa,
Do not blame yourself. It is so hard for us to guide our children to the right path. I am sure your love and influence are there.

Wanda's Wings said...

I believe that both that they way we are born and how we grow up make the total picture. I am bi polar and PTSD.

Angel Chasse said...

I love to see articles like these, proof to me that mental illness is indeed being studied, and some, if not enough, money is being spent on looking into it!
Happy Tuesday :)


Lisa Marie said...

Agreed. I believe the genetics does play a role to a point, but life experiences and your environment shape who you become.

traci said...

I am constantly stunned that there are still people who don't believe that mental illness is real.

Lynn said...

I think we all know that BPD is caused by a traumatic upbringing and interruption in attachment. I find it very interesting and sad that we as a people will keeping digging and digging to come up with any possible thing we can find to feed our denial as a society and as individuals.

Tracy said...

Glad to see their is proof of this and that it is real!

Casdok said...

Very interesting.

Deb S. said...

It will be interesting to see the follow-up to this study.

Dr. Deb said...

Wanda's Wings,
Yes, nature nurture.

I also love finding articles like these. Proof indeed!

Lisa Marie,
Always, nature nurture.

I share your amazement. However, some people wish to remain uninformed.

There must be some genetic piece that makes each of us unique, otherwise everyone in the same family who experienced the interruption in attachment who have BPD.

Research can be so cool!

"Very Interesting". That is virtually what I said when I read the article

Yes, a similar study would be great to see as well as a longitudinal one.

Marj aka Thriver said...

"buck up and get over it!" I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that non-advice!

Kahless said...

I bet Ms Phillips ends up taking anti-depressants one day!

S'onnie said...

Its amazing the kinds of things they are finding out especially given the brain is really the last unconquered part of a human medically speaking.

Awake In Rochester said...

Prayers/good thoughts needed for a young woman with cancer! PLEASE see my blog.

ellesu said...

This post gives me hope that one day our society will take a big step forward in how mental illness is perceived. Education, understanding, and empathy is much needed.

Awake In Rochester said...

Concerning the last link it was interesting that they said, "The research team found that 42 percent of variation in BPD features was attributable to genetic influences and 58 percent was attributable to environmental influences." So although this could be genetic, it looks like environment also plays a strong roll. But you've already answered that several times- "Always, nature nurture."

I imagine that we can't be tested at this point. I mean it would be ideal to go into see a therapist, and instead of being handed a questioner you have your blood draw to find out what psychological problems, or tendency's you have.

Ian Lidster said...

Having briefly been married to a BPD person I find this quite interesting. Too bad I didn't know ahead of time, of course.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Nice pose Dr. Deb, Always game to be gotten here.

jenji said...

Oh yeah, it's real all right, especially if you're dating one.

Long time ago, but a truly difficult temperament to navigate around. Lots of no-win situations.

I hope you're doing well, Deb!


Il Blog | Attualità | Psicologia said...


Greets from Italy
Il Blog | Attualità | Psicologia

STAG said...

Hmmmm...Ms Phillips doesn't "believe" in mental illness but apparenty does belive in aliens from outer space who lost their bodies centuries ago in favor of having to live out their pathetic existance in people's heads.


And this made the front page?

Oh dear.

No wonder you are a bit tweaked about that article.

Rose said...

I am constantly amazed about how many people are suffering from mental illness. Almost daily someone reveals to me that they suffer from some type of depression. Ibelieve this has something to do with genetics and something unique with our wiring but I am unable to ascertain how it affects do many. Are we all carrying a gene through bloodlines throughout history of relatives that we don't even know exist?

Dr. Deb said...

It is truly amazing how many still ignore the facts and growing evidence regarding mental illness.

Sid said...

I like your response to Lynn:

There must be some genetic piece that makes each of us unique, otherwise everyone in the same family who experienced the interruption in attachment who have BPD.

I have to agree because my siblings, particularly my older sister, suffered through the same verbal, emotional and physical abuse I did and I'm the only one with BPD. And trust me, our mother was just as emotionally distant and our father physically absent from all our lives.

Stefan Jechel said...

Very interesting posts; thank you for all hard work you're doing.

Janes Insane said...

I have BPD but am diagnosed as bipolar. My psych. says I don't have BPD, my therapist says I do; I know I do. Supposedly BPD can't be treated with meds, which would explain why a psych. would deny me having it.
Fortunately I have found a wonderful therapist, I can't emphasize what a difference the "right" therapist makes. I've probably had at least 5 before him, but he gets me & I don't feel like a freak when I tell him my thoughts & feelings.

Personally, I believe we are probably born with some gene that makes us more suseptible (sp) to BPD, whereas someone else wouldn't be traumatized & unable to cope, given the same circumstances. (I think I said that sentence backwards)

The stigma attached with this is so huge. I've told very few people I have it & don't think I've admitted it even on my blog.