Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oreo Cookie Personality Test

Choose which method best describes your favorite method of eating Oreos:

1. The whole thing all at once.
2. One bite at a time.
3. Slow and methodical nibbles examining the results of each bite afterwards.
4. In little feverous nibbles.
5. Dunked in some liquid (milk, coffee...).
6. Twisted apart, the inside, then the cookie.
7. Twisted apart, the inside, and toss the cookie.
8. Just the cookie, not the inside.
9. I just like to lick them, not eat them.
10. I don't have a favorite way. I don't like Oreo cookies.

Your Personality Profile For Fun, Of Course.

1. The whole thing.
This means you consume life with abandon. You are fun to be with, exciting, and carefree with some hint of recklessness.

2. One bite at a time.
You are lucky to be one of the 5.4 billion other people who eat their Oreos this very same way. You're normal.

3. Slow and Methodical.
You follow the rules. You're likely very meticulous in every detail with every thing you do.

4. Feverous Nibbles.
You have a tendency to work too much and do too much. You always have a million things to do and never enough time to do them.

5. Dunked.
Every one likes you because you are always upbeat.

6. Twisted apart, the inside, and then the cookie.
You have a highly curious nature.

7. Twisted apart, the inside, and then toss the cookie.
You take risks that pay off. You take what you want and throw the rest away.

8. Just the cookie, not the inside.
You enjoy pain.

9. I just like to lick them, not eat them.
Stay away from small furry animals and seek professional medical help - immediately.

10. I don't have a favorite way. I don't like Oreo cookies.
There's just no pleasing you.

I'm a "5". With milk, please!!


  1. Growing up we weren't allowed to dunk, so that was something I never did until after my sons were grown and gone. Funny how life works...


  2. Oh, I was a 5, to. I love to dunk a couple cookies in the milk for a few minutes. Then I take a spoon and eat the mushy cookies! Yummy!!!! Its very messy but then so am I:)

  3. My way isn't listed...I really AM weird!

    11. Twist apart, remove inside, dunk and eat outside...continue until all cookies are gone and only insides remain. Eat insides last. :D


  4. I'm a twist-and-eat-inside followed by dunking the outsides one at a time. This is a delightful list. Do you know comedian David Steinberg's psychoanalyst who says "sit anywhere you like" to the new patient?

  5. this is hard, cause everytime i eat them it's different. mostly I'm a 6 tho, second place would be an 8

  6. oh, and that link you left was awesome, too :)

  7. Hmmm....I twist it apart, eat the side that has the cream filling, then eat the plain cookie side. I want my filling and my cookie, too! But I NEVER eat them whole.......

  8. # 1; that's my way, but can't really say that's how I'd describe myself

  9. I'm

    This is not good Deb...You do know I will be caving these now.

    I can't beleive all the different types of Oreos there are.. Double stuff, peanut B, mint, vanilla cookie,minis, and I'm sure there are more...Darn! I really want one now..Actually you can't just eat

  10. Oops..I didn't see #10..I Love Oreos.

  11. I am a five....
    and .... oh poor Alan! you must have many unresolved issues.. not being allowed to dunk!

    I taught my kids about dunking..
    ( hmmm does that make me a bad mom.. or just messy?)

    I do have a sort of protocol.. I don't just dunk randomly.. some things only get dunked in milk..
    some things in tea.. ( like windmill cookies)

    And the only reason in the world i have a bit of milk is for dunking oreos .. which i will also dunk in coffee.. but not tea?

    see? its not too complicated really


  12. I don't see mine on there! I twist it apart and eat the side with the frosting, then eat the plain cookie side for dessert!


  13. I just realized Kim--who is one of my nurse idols--eats them the way I do...coincidence? Hmmmm...perhaps not?!


  14. Dear Alan,
    So glad dunking gets a green light in your home now!

    Dear Laura,
    Great minds think alike!

    Dear Sera,
    This was a post from a psych site. I am sure there are MANY other ways to eat an Oreo. So don't fret!

    Dear AUP,
    Nope, I don't know Mr. Steinberg's analyst.

    Dear Dawn,
    I guess anything goes when you eat an Oreo.

    Dear Kim,
    I bet we will be able to add to this list tenfold by the time we finish getting comments here!

    Dear Id,
    I'm a five, but it's not describing me well either. This is just for fun, so I thought I'd post it.

    Dear Heidi,
    I know---there are so many kinds of Oreo's out there now. I like the double stuffed ones. Yum. I'm craving some now too. Sheesh!

    Dear Kath,
    I am the same way. Some things get dunked in milk, some in tea, some in coffee...

    Dear Milliner,
    I think that is so funny that you and Kim have the same styles.


  15. I am a number 6. I love to eat the inside and the cookie. I love the little test.
    Growing up we never had cookies from the store, only homemade. It was an absolute treat to get to buy Oreos.

  16. I gotta become a Doctor. I wasted my whole life on a stupid Mechanical Engineering degree and some systems crap.

  17. No fair!

    We don't get Oreos over here.

  18. #1 AND #5!

    I have to dunk 'em and then stuff the entire thing in at once! So I guess that means I consume life in and untidy and reckless manner...oh, and I'm fun while doing it!!! ROFL


  19. Wow! ahhahahaha Personality by cookie? It NAILED me though. lol Renee

  20. Hi,
    I always eat with the first method and of course, I am a happy man :). always enjoy your posts

  21. my way is a far away way, sit on a road and see who squishes it first. Best way of dealing with a oreo, now a choco marshmellow covered jam bikky now we can talk.

    Nothing mnore annoying than watching aussie tele and seeing a yank add come on.

    Nothing more certain playing chicken with an oreo to get add out of your head ;)

  22. Dear Sjobs,
    Isn't it funny what one calls a treat!!

    Dear Tombotts,
    Don't go changing anything. You are super just the way you are.

    Dear Precision Girl,
    You *must* have a cookie like it in England, yes?

    Dear Traci,
    That made me laugh becasue I realized that I do #1 after I do #5 too. We are oreo twins.

    Dear Renee,
    It is just for fun. No research behind the "test" results.

    Dear Godknows,
    What a great thing to be - a happy man!

    Dear Jumpinginpuddles,
    I enjoy your wit.


  23. ahahaha that was too cute, #5 was my pick... I love dunking my cookies especially an oreo in MILK.

  24. The only thing I can think of that's similar is a Bourbon biscuit... but that's oblong shaped. I'll go down the biscuit aisle of my supermarket when I'm there next to go and check.

    Do Starbucks have Oreos?

    If you have time, could you read my post called "Penultimate" and maybe give me your opinion?

    Thanks Deb


  25. You are such a hoot! I read somewhere that Oreos and Burger King french fries were the top two foods we should never, never eat; something about the particular type of fats in them. Whaever; I like McDonald's fries better. (:))

    Which is to say, my kids have never had an Oreo. How criminal is that?? I might have to surprise them with a bag tonight.

    And when I do, they will dip, as will I!

  26. I eat mine whole. I guess that means I'm a wild and crazy guy.

  27. @precision girl
    you DO have Oreo in UK!! I found the whole range at Selfridges Food Hall (or some other place like that..)

    I had to wait until last winter to finally get Oreo here in my town in south Italy. I'm a mix of 2 and 6, but 5 overall.
    If there's any 10 out there you'd better keep hiding!! ;-)

  28. i am 6 all the way. But, i make sure that the inside dosent get squishy while twisting :D

  29. Dear Envizable,
    Gotta be with milk. Ice cold, yum!

    Dear Precision Girl,
    Answered your question on your blog. And Phi says Oreos are there in the UK.

    Dear Inger,
    I can understand keeping certain things outta the house. But, c'mon, they're OREOS!

    Dear Armaedes,
    You are totally wild crazy and cool.

    Dear Phi,
    I'm sure there are non-oreo lovers out there. We'll cut them some slack though.

    Dear Astrorat,
    Too funny!


  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Six! I only deal in metaphorical taking things apart, however. ("What did you mean by that? Was that an insult?")

  32. you said:
    "Dear Traci,
    That made me laugh becasue I realized that I do #1 after I do #5 too. We are oreo twins."

    i say:

    Twins??? I always wanted a twin! LOL

  33. I love Oreos and thanks for making me hungry now Deb lol!

  34. Thanks very much for your supportive and lovely comment, x

  35. I'm a 5 too!! This test is so cute! I love dunking my oreos in milk. =)

  36. I'm a 5 and a 6 depending on my mood. Just imagine what sex is like with me!


    Ha! And my word verification is:
    jugzufn AKA Jugs of fun?

  37. I absolutely love this post. How cute. I was 3 and 4. It looks like your blog membership is growing and growing. That is cool. How are you doing? Thanks for being so faithful to visit my blog, you wouldn't believe what an encouragement it is to me. I don't mean to sound sappy, but it truly is. So, thanks.

  38. LOL I am a #5 too and with milk. And actually that is the only time I ever have milk! Ya gotta have it with your Oreos...but you know that. ;)

  39. Dear Crackerlilo,
    You made me lol!

    Dear Traci,
    It's official. We are twins.

    Dear Clare,
    It's only make me want to visit the UK when I see your great photos.

    Dear Precision Girl,
    I'm happy to point you in a direction. XO back to you too.

    Dear Lady In Satin,
    Ice cold milk and an Oreo. Yum.

    Dear Sher,
    You rascal, you.

    Dear Anna,
    I enjoy your posts and wish, actually, that you could write more often.

    Dear Jane,
    I never outgrew my love of milk, lol!

    Dear Josie,
    Now way, really?


  40. I have to say I am a bit 7....but I like to save the cookie to make pie crust.......


  41. I'm laughing at Jackie a you lick the icing off and save the cookie for a pie? ewww....jk, but it was a funny thouhgt.

    Debra - HOLY COW 41 replies, how do you keep up?

    So the thing with the Oreo's...I don't eat them even though I LOVE them cause they're very bad for I havent had one in I want one...Hmph.

    anyway, there's no number for how I eat mine....I bite off one the middle, then eat the other cookie. All with a big glass of ice cold milk. So does that say about me :::scratches head:::: lol

  42. I'm a 5...I love dunked Oreo' there really any other way? LOL

    Love ya,

  43. LOL since i have Celiacs disease I just sit there and take it apart with my eyes and eat my rice cardboard flavored crackers. I miss oreos most of all.

  44. Hmmmm, I am a 5, but I don't know about that whole "upbeat" business...sometimes I am quite ill tempered :-> I want some cookies!

  45. Dear Jackie,
    That is so funny!

    Dear Chase,
    I LOL at your comment!!!The way you eat your Oreos sounds to me that you are spontaneous and that is more than one way to have fun. How's that for a psychobabble interpretation ;)

    Dear Sarah,
    Thats my favorite way too.

    Dear Dianna,
    Oh no.... no bagels, no bread, no cookies?

    Dear Wendy,
    This was just a FUN test, no data to back it up so nothing is correct here as far as I'm concerned. And btw, I ate more Oreos this week than ever. This is not good on SO many levels.


  46. I eat my food in a slow and methodical manner, but there are times when I do the feverous nibbles too. I realize there is a lot to be said about your personality by the way you eat, dress, groom, etc., this test might be for fun but it really fits my personality. I think I have control issues. Maybe I should try to eat the whole thing at once or just eat the inside and throw the rest away.

  47. I take two Oreos, twist them both apart so that the middle stays all on one cookie... then I make a double stuff, give it to someone else (growing up, it was the mother... now it's my partner) and eat the other two cookies ;) lolz

  48. I added my own.

    11. You have no consistent way, you eat each cookie a different way, trying to fit in as many variations as possible in order to find a find a favorite, but are unable to commit to a single oreo-cookie-eating method.

    You are completely insane. You are eccentric and ecclectic, but also have a tendency towards indecision and anxiety. You change course a lot, and never seem to have any firm grasp of what you want to do with your life. You're a jack of all trades and a master of none. You likely are an agnostic, and probably couldn't stick to a single major in school. You're also probably a cumpulsive channel surfer. Maybe you're just so open-minded that your brain fell out. You're over-analytical, too much so for your own good. You will probably end up alone, either because you have an inborn fear of commitment, or because you simply are never going to find whatever it is you're looking for (not that you know what it is you're looking for anyhow).

    That's me!!
    katphish_1 -at-

  49. Mine is not mentioned, I twist the cookie apart, eat the cookie without the filling on it, then the cream and then the second cookie. :D



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