Saturday, November 05, 2011

Inkblot Fun

What do you see?


Katrina, said...

Poneys, little birds, girls with long ponytails. Does that mean anything?


Kitty said...

honestly, it kind of looks like a bunch of kidneys and lungs, maybe. The lower ones are kidneys. Anyway, therein lies the danger of black-and-white inkblots. I think the subconscious speaks more to colour?

Dr. Deb said...

Great answers. Yes, it means you are playful and sweet.

I can see the organs too. You are introspective. Good point about color, or should I write colour. I love your spelling of it better than ours.

Ophelia said...

I see a handless, footless, headless man... Is that weird?

Meow (aka Connie) said...

The top half looks like a couple of boxer breed dog heads with something hanging out of their mouths (a stick with leaves or something) ... the bottom half looks like a couple of kidneys !!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Arnold?

Keltikmystique said...

It reminds me of a medical photo of a brain... like an MRI or something LOL

Xmichra said...

Minataur. Or some nature of Taurus headed thing.

LPC Continuing Education said...

Ophelia don't feel badly...I see the same thing!!

Dr. Deb said...

Many see that!

Yep, I see all those!

Arnold the cartoon character or the pig from Green Acres (Oy, I'm totally dating myself)

I see medical things too. Lungs, Kidneys. Good answers. You're introspective too.

LOVE your minotaur answer.

It's a popular answer :)

Flannery said...


Battle Weary said...

Weird...blogger ate my comment from yesterday!

I see miniature schnauzer bookends...they are holding their leashes (asking for a walk?).

Karen said...

The top half is two Scooby-Doo heads throwing up, and at the bottom is two Homer Simpsons kissing each other. O.o

Angeliki said...

A transformer?

Martina Alexandria Villanueva said...

I think I'm seeing a robot. I see four socks or was it boots? Then I see an alien like face in the middle with a very thin jaw and weird head structure. I see two faces on the left and right side (the white part) in a side view, they have hammer heads and very weird face shape. I see two dogs in a mirror image. An inverted horizontally cut bottle in between the dogs. All in all, I see a LOT of faces in side views. I am seeing a lot but I can't seem to find words for it. What does this mean? Is what I am seeing normal? :) Thank you.

~Just me again~ said...

Two scottish terriers, sticking their tongues out, over two lil birds.

Barbara said...

I see organs too, but I like what Connie sees the best :)

Dr. Deb said...

Love it.

Battle Weary,
I can totally see those. Cute!

Yup, I see the Scooby Doo heads.

Yes, someone else sees that too.

Love how many things you see in the blot. You are a creative thinker, I believe.

Just me,
Scottish Terriers is popular answer too.

Organ shapes are common too. Thanks for sharing.

Amtheyst said...

A Robot

purple pineapple said...

I see a transformer too. Darn, now I want to watch the movies :).

Anonymous said...

It's a goalie (hockey - I'm CDN!)

Kind man said...

I just can see the pelvic bone! It's so bad?!