Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Grand Rounds 7:46

Grand Rounds is a weekly round up of the best health blog posts on the Internet. Each week a different blogger takes turns hosting - me this time around - and summarizes the submissions of the week.

As a music lover, I thought I'd give Grand Rounds a vintage vinyl feel. So please make sure your phonographs are ready to go. Thanks to Dr. Val Jones and Dr. Nick Genes for the invite.

Song List

Striving: By Glass Hospital A moving post about the life and experiences of an 88 year old doctor who gave much to others.

Beyond Bullet Points: By Dr. Shock This post looks at how multimedia teachings improve medical student retention.

QD: News Everyday - Rise in Antidepressants Called into Question:By ACP Internist This post highlights how perscriptions for antidepressants by non-psychiatric professionals has increased over more than a decade.

How to Prevent Drowning: By Healthline A straightforward read on risk for and prevention of drowning.

If You Can't Say Something Nice" By Table for One This post looks at the difficulties doctors face in presenting bad news to patients and their families.

Song List

Dislocated Shouler - Relationship Realignment: By In Sickness and In Health Injury and illness can press on the dynamics of a relationship. This post looks autonomy and dependence.

OCD Perfectionism and Social Anxiety Treatment: Tweet Your Way To Better Health How the use of social media can lessen anxiety disorders in children and adults.

High Profile People Who Live With Mood Disorders: By Dr. Deb This short video shows just how many high profile people have mood disorders - and helps to take stigma out of mental illness.

Song List

Nine Signs You Should Fire Your Patient: By Insureblog Well written post on when patients might need to get the boot.

Unintended Consequences of Changing the Current 510K System for Moderate Risk Devices: By Health Business Blog Looks at the approval process of medical devices and how they are enough safegaurds in place.

The Ship of State Capsized by a Silver Tsunami of Greedy Geezers: By Health AGEnda A well written argument regarding the recent Wall Street Journal op-ed that reported that medicare patients see their doctors more than non-medicare patients.

Bad Language: Words One Patient Won't Use (And Hopes You Won't Either): By Prepared Patient How certain words can shift the focus away from what patients really need.

US Rumor and Hospital Report: By Not Running a Hospital A gloves-off review of the annual hospital review from US News and World Report.

A One Song Album

Die Taal: By Bongi : This post looks at speaking English at Grand Rounds.


rlbates said...

Thanks for hosting. I love the records!

Dr. Deb said...

Hosting is a great pleasure and a wonderful learning experience.

GlassHospital said...

Well done! Much appreciated--and an excellent way to have discovered your superb blog.

Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC said...

Music to my ears :-)

What a fun 'Rounds, Deb - Thanks for hosting, and for including our post!

Steven J. Seay, Ph,D, said...

I'm so happy to have seen your Grand Rounds announcement last week! Looking forward to "attending" regularly. What a great event.

Anonymous said...

What an impressive array of enlightening offerings, Deb. I'll set a time tomorrow to go through some of the rest of them. Of course I looked at yours.

dawn said...

I Love the way you did this post-very cool! And what a great list of blogs to visit! :)

Paul Levy said...

Nicely done, Dr. Deb. Thanks for including me, too.

Wanda's Wings said...

Lots of information. Thanks.

Kathy Garolsky said...

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