Monday, July 28, 2008

Laughter is SUCH Good Medicine

In the spirit of Laughter is good medicine, enjoy this.


Mayhem said...

Simple but funny.

Casdok said...

Lovely! LAughter certainly is good medicine!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Anyone who has a cat probably laughed out loud at this one....SO typical! Thanks for a good chuckle on a Monday morning.

Chato said...

"Laughter is SUCH Good Medicine" You are 100% right... Of course you new that already... but what started out as my own personal coping skill has turned into blog back in May to try an focus on the humor with in our serious disorders... I try to draw 5 cartoons a week about a disorder and add some commentary about it.

Also, if you see any of the cartoon you enjoy, please feel free to use them in your blog, you can find all 60 of them at my site map.


Angel Chasse said...

Well, it worked! I laughed out loud on a Monday, and then promptly forwarded this along :)
Thanks for the laughs :)

Big Brother said...

LOL good one. I can se my daughters cats in this.

Battle Weary said...

Yep...this is SO my middle cat. Only , she's wants OUT, not in. :P

Deb said...

I thought it was hysterical.

Dear Casdok,
That's true.

Dear Barbara,
My noncat friends lol at this too.

Dear Chato,
Will link you :)

So glad you enjoyed it.

Dear BB,
This artist definitely knows cats!

Dear Battle,
So funny! Out instead of in. I took care of an outdoor cat for a while and when she wanted in, SHE WANTED IN! So cute.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hi Deb, I don't have your email address and need it in order to invite you to my blog. Unfortunately I had to put it on "invite only". If you could email me I'll send you one (or anyone else who sees this!) I am not trying to be exclusive, just protecting my privacy because Google seems to find my blog when searched even though I have never used my last name!

Wanda's Wings said...

Put a smile on my face.

Teresa Lynne said...

Laughter is great medicine~!

jenji said...

I love Simon the Cat.

Check out Wake-Up by the same artist.

Great fun.

It's funny too, whenever I play one of his shorts my cat comes running into the room. Something about the kitty meow.


jenji said...

Sorry, the other short is called Cat Man Do. Super funny and so very true.

Here's the link:


Dawn said...

these cartoons make me laugh so hard. he really does know cat behaviour well.

thanks for the laugh :)

Clueless said...


Health Psych said...

Sign me up for laughter anytime.

Debs, you find the coolest stuff!

I just hoped my cats didn't see this.

Anonymous said...

I love Simon Tofield's cats!


Tracy said...

Loved this!

Deb said...

Got it. Thanks for the invite

It put smile on my face too.

I totally agree.

Hey Jenji,
I've seen all three of his and hope there will be more. And when the first one came out it was called Wake Up Cat. Now it's Cat Man Do.

I can watch them over and over. Short and funny.

So fun, right?

I don't think you have to be a cat lover to enjoy these. Laughing is so good to do! My cat, Elvis, does a lot of the Simon Cat things.

Hey Donna,
Me too!

It's so fun and clever.

CrackerLilo said...

Clearly a man who knows cats!

Our girls would behave like that if we were stupid enough to have that sort of mostly-glass door. Instead, they try to trip us if we foolishly attempt to make our own breakfasts first and do the "Oliver Twist at the orphanage" routine!

thecatsmeow said...

LOL!! I have a cat just like the one in this movie! Now I'll have to go see if I can find some more of these shorts...

dragonflyfilly said...

A HAH HAH AHAH HAH AHHAHAH HA AH HAH, (I totally did Laugh Out Loud!)...thanks for that Deb, i luv it!
cheers for now,

phd in yogurtry said...

Its too close to the truth!! Especially the open door and cat just sits there : )

Sid said...

I hate cats, but I just had to giggle when he put the lawn gnome against the door.

ellesu said...

I admit -- I laughed. And it felt good. Thanks, I needed that.

Deb said...

My cats do many of these things too. LOL at the breakfast imagery.

So far, there are three shorts. All are so funny. Come back and let us know what you think of them.

A good laugh is so wonderful.

Yes, my one cat did that nearly every time. She'd pat the door with her paws and meow....and when we'd open the door she'd dilly dally before coming in. Even in the winter time!

Love the gnome part. I also enjoyed when the cat took on the human quality of putting hands around his eyes to "see" better. When something is funny, it's funny. No need to be a cat lover to enjoy these.

So glad you giggled :)

CrackerLilo said...

You've got an award! Come pick it up when you're ready!