Monday, February 25, 2008

More Illusion Fun

Can you find the man in the coffee beans? This illusion says that it works your right brain, but it's been unproven . It's fun to try to spot him nonetheless.

Oh, and by the way, it took me a long time to find him.

But once you find him, you can't miss him!!

Thanks Mysti


Big Brother said...

Must be a right brain type of guy... found him almost immediately. ;o) Didn't really look bean by bean, just looked at the whole and suddenly out he jumped... ;o) Good one Deb

Beachwriter said...

Forget the right brain or the left brain, I must be blind! I don't see anything except for ONE dark bean. Is that suppose to be his eye? LOL...

Barbara said...

This will drive me nuts! (Or should I say beans...)

I looked and looked and still can't see him!

Deb said...

Dear BB,
You rock. I took me like ten tries to find it.

Dear Beach and Barbara,
Hint: Look at the bottom row

The Lone Beader said...

LOL! He was easy to find.

OHN said...

I originally was looking for the blur image like in the unfocused pix that were popular a few years ago...then his face popped out at me and I realized I was supposed to be looking for an actual man, not an image :)

Jade said...

Hmmm...maybe my right brain is broke? lol

Hope life is treating you kindly Deb.

Romeo Vitelli said...

Gah. It took me a while to find him and suddenly he pops out of nowhere. Creeped me out.

Tai said...

OH! There he is!

SeaSpray said...

if he's the little face on the dark bean then i found him in 2 seconds...i also saw this before in an e-mail. ;)

dragonflyfilly said...

i guess my right brain is asleep, so I will try again tomorrow!

dragonflyfilly said...

ps. a few minutes later, could not resist another try and yep, there he is and yep, romeo i find it a bit creepy too!
cheers for now,

Casdok said...

I found him straight away!

ellesu said...

Okay. I finally see him. LOL! Before I read your comment about the bottom row I thought I'd found him (just a ghostly glare). After reading he was lurking in the bottom I thought another ghostly glow was him. But, finally I see him -- for sure this time -- in the bottom row. Love this.

Scott said...

That is disturbing. I spent a few minutes looking at the whole picture thinking that from a far the pattern of a face would emerge. Then I see the head amongst the beans. I don't know if that has anything to do with brain development, but now I realize I need to study at the coffee bar today!

Deb said...

Dear Lone,
Your brain is so trained to note tiny detail with your beadwork. You rock.

Dear OHN,
It took me forever to find him!!!

Dear Jade,
Hint: Look at the bottom row of beans. Once you spot him, it's like a "duh" experience.

Dear Romeo,
You made me lol!

Dear Tai,
Yeah, you found him!

Dear Sea,
No, look at the bottom row of beans.

Dear Dragon,
You made me lol too.

Dear Casdok,
Wow, you are good!

Dear Ellesu,
Isn't it funny that once you spot him, you wonder how you missed him at all?

Dear Scott,
I must have looked a dozen or so times before I found him. And not in one sitting either. I think we mostly look at ambiguous things in a "whole" form. This little illusion makes us move to the bottom and in the most minute of detail to find him. And btw, Starbucks is doing a nationwide closing today, so if you must study at the coffee bar, hightail it somewhere else ;)


PsychPerson said...

Nope, can't see him. I guess I need more coffee :)

Jade said...

Ha! Ha! Deb....I so didn't see it until you helped me cheat. Wonder if they have a "right brain" machine at the gym..cause mine needs working out!

Health Psych said...

I got it almost straight away and without glasses! Must be a right brain person..left handed so makes sense, no?

SeaSpray said...

Haha! Better face. I did it in under 3 seconds...oh told me where to go! ;)

The one I was looking at looked kind of ghoulish. Anyone else see that?

SeaSpray is whistling and nonchalantly walking away now. :)

MYSTI said...

Laughs, glad you did the research. I have some friends that i think of as right brained kinda people, and they could not find it at all! So now its good to know, i shall tell them. grins.

Beachwriter said...

OMG! As soon as you said to look at the bottom row, I saw him immediately, however, I was focused on the beans being "shaped" like a person and not actually a person itself.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes I found him. He is in the lower left portion. It's funny that I saw him immediately while in your previous illusion regarding the baby, it took me three trips to your blog before I saw it. Well, probably it's a lucky find. Thanks for the post. God bless you and your loved ones always.

Dr. A said...

I found Waldo!

Tiptoe said...

I found the guy pretty quickly. But then again, I've been known to find obscure stuff like four leaf clovers ;-)

princessdominique said...

Nope. Nada. This is crazy.

Carie said...

:) I found him pretty quick...I love these kind of things lol...

that was fun :)

Deb said...

Dear Donna,
Look at the bottom two rows and scan across.

Dear Jade,
Took me SO many times till I found him.

Dear HP.
If you are a lefty, you will have a greater tendency toward spatial things. Tis True. Tis True!

Dear Sea,

Dear Mysti,
I like to find out if things are urban or internet legends and stuff. And thank you for the find!

Dear BEach,
I have another illusion that will "trick" the brain as well. Will post that later next month.

Dear Mel,
So glad you found it!

Dear Dr. A.
You made me lol!!!!

Dear Tiptoe.
Wow, four leaf clovers. That's so hard to do!!!

Dear PRincess,
I'll help you find him.

Dear Carie,
You rock!!


Awake In Rochester said...

I'm left handed, so right brain. I thought I could find him, but not yet. I will have to look again another day.

Dreaming again said...

I've found him before ... immediately.

Tonight .. my MG is acting up, and double vision abounds ..and all I can see is a heart.

go figure

Dreaming again said...

this isn't the coffee bean puzzle I'd seen before!! I found him! It's a MAN ... lol

I was looking for the beans making a picture!!!

princessdominique said...

Gosh I finally see it!

Barbara K. said...

Very interesting. I tend to look for the patterns and can overlook details, so I immediately searched for a face in they way clusters of beans came together. I only looked at individual beans after I read your clue.

This was fun. Thanks!

Adam Field said...

I spent ages looking without success until my four year old came along and said "Dad, what's that man doing in there?" :s

about jenji said...

Yeah, quite easy to find the guy.

Before I looked I was expecting a more Gestalt type task.

Easy today, not so much tomorrow I suppose.

be well,

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