Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The "Stress Eraser"

I admit it.

I'm a tech geek.

And look what I happened to find this while surfing.

It's from The Sharper Image and it is a gadget called "The Stress Eraser":

"The StressEraser™ is an award-winning, hand-held biofeedback medical device designed to calm your mind and relax your body in just 15 minutes.

The StressEraser's effectiveness is based on science's understanding of the physiological manifestations of psychological stress.

The StressEraser focuses your mind and guides your breathing to synchronize with a calming BreathWave™ pattern.

After just two weeks of 15-minute nighttime sessions, expect to feel consistently calmer, more patient as well as more energetic during the day. Reach for The StressEraser at anytime, day or night, when you want to feel less stressed.

The StressEraser was honored with Frost & Sullivan's 2006 Medical Industry Award for Technology Innovation of the Year for helping individuals achieve physiological, mental and emotional relaxation — non-invasively and without drugs."

Technology can be great. And if this can help a person move through stress in a successful way, I say, "Woohoo!"

Of course, a gadget like this may only help in mild levels of stress. If you are experience moderate, serious or profound stress, seek professional help from a real person.


Guilty Secret said...

Hi, Dr Deb, nice to see you're back :)

So, what does this thing actually do?

ellesu said...

Very interesting. I totally believe in the theory behind mind over body (I hope I'm saying that right). I know medication is needed in many cases and thank the good lord for it, but I would so rather go the 'natural' route if possible. Much cheaper if for no other reason....

Big Brother said...

Cool gadget. When I'm stressed, I usually will go for a good long bike ride, a walk or cross country skiing. The faster the better, when I get back I've pretty much burned out the stress.

Ms.L said...

That is pretty darn cool!
I had no clue such a thing existed,thanks for this post.
That would make a great pressie to a couple of people I know....

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Guilty,
It is a biofeedback machine, to help you to learn how to relax. I don't know if it works, but if anyone reading has, let us know!

Dear David,
I like to catnap and listen to music when I am stressed.

Dear Ellesu,
I'm with you. I think anything that can help is worth a try, from tech stuff like this, to holistic treatments, etc. If they should not work, then it's time for more medical/treatment interventions.

Dear BB,
Exercise is a great stress reducer, and you sure move when you are stressed. Good for you. Wish I could get up and go more than stay put and rest!

Ms. L,
Yes, the holidays ARE coming ;)



dragonflyfilly said...

Hi Deb~~
glad you are back.

"stress buster" I want one! I want one! - my friend, who has a masters in nursing and was taking advanced courses in Psychology in the 70s, used to have a bio-feed back machine (probably the size of a large boom-box eh?) I never had the opportunity to use it, but she swears by it. About a year ago we had a converation about bio-feedback machines, so I am not at all surprised that someone has come up with this hand held gadget.

Talking about "gadgets" -- have you heard about the "hug t-shirt" and the "Egge-loo?" - i am definitely going to get an Egge-loo. I have not checked out the web site yet, but I will let you know.

cheers for now,

jumpinginpuddles said...

wanders over to debs blog takes stress eraser back to her blog and says we wil try anything right now even cooky strange objects sorry for pinching it

Heidi said...

I need this!!!!!!! When I'm stressed I eat...Atleast with this I can relax a bit and not gain weight!

I'm going to check out the link now..Thanx Deb, perfect timing.

Heidi said...

ok I'm back..

The StressEraser

The StressEraser™ is the secret to gaining control over stress.

UGH!!!!!!! add a few more dollars being Canadian.

I might have to go back to the

DrGwenn said...

For that money I think I'll upgrade my MP3! But, perhaps like the iPhone they will come out with a version two that is cheaper and we can all have a good goof and unshed a few stress fibers!!

Music and golf do it for me when I'm wound up...and as a woman, I find the power of female bonding very therapeutic where stress is concerned (assuming you have positive friends!)

Dr. G

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi dr. deb,
That's a wonderful piece of hi-tech gadget you stumbled upon. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm sure many will benefit from the calming effects of that heaven sent gadget. Thanks for the usual wonderful post. God bless you more with very relevant and thought provoking posts.

Misha said...

I think those of us who are not gadget oriented still need to find those friendly workplaces that allow us to bring dogs to work. Here in the midwest...this still hasn't caught on.

Jade said...

There's a gadget for everything these days!

dragonflyfilly said...

it's me again, Deb.

I am hoping that you will be able to give me some suggestions on how to deal with my loved one who has been subjected to Second Generation Thought Reform programmes?? or refer me to some reading material, of web sites.


wolfbaby said...

that would be a good investment if it works;)

oomi said...

dr. wats this?

Nancy said...

I like the sound machines or CD's to reduce stress. But if I had the $ I might try the "Eraser".
Glad you had a safe vacation

Fallen Angels said...

I saw this a couple months ago in the Sharper Image catalog. I am actually considering it because breathing techniques (ok, just breathing, period!) are something my T often stresses, and I have trouble with.

Id it is said...

What'll they come up with next! I'm a little wary of all these new quick fix technologies...

Symbiosis said...

Welcome back, how was your vacation?
This gadget sounds my practice I had found biofeedback to work well..

Rose said...

Does this work or is it a gimmick?

Godwhacker said...

This seems like very cool technology. I found another ultra cool development with this device. It's like something right out of Star Trek in that it uses sound waves to heat and seal internal tissue through the skin without an incision. Will someone call me Dr. Crusher, I think I have a headache ;)

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Dragon,
Yeah, back then they were huge contraptions.

Dear JIP,
Pinch away!

Dear Heidi,
It is pricey, but is less expensive than several therapy sessions. I wonder if you could save for it or pay for it in installments?

Dear Dr. G,
It is somewhat expensive for such a tool, but to have a portable biofeedback device at that price is a great deal.

Dear Mel,
I like blogging about tech stuff.

Dear Misha,
YES, service dogs *are* allowed in any place if one has a disability.

Dear JAde,
Just about - though, the "folding laundry gadget" has yet to make it to my house!

Dear Dragon,
Sorry, I don't know anything about that.

Dear Wolf,
I am sure it can work as biofeedback has a slew of research backing up its successful effects. I guess one can return it for a refund if the gadget doesn't make them feel better.

Dear Oomi,
Read the post and you'll see.

Dear NAncy,
I have four sound machines in my home, one in each bedroom and one in my office. They are soothings. JC Penney sells one for a good price and you can use their promotion codes and coupons for % off or free shipping.

Dear Fallen,
Should you buy it, let us know how it goes.

Dear Id,
Biofeedback has a long history so it is a well studied treatment, but I hear you. I bought one of those Roomba mopping robots and returned it shortly later. It was more trouble setting it up etc than mopping the floor by hand, y'know!?!?!?!

Dear Sym,
Vacation was restful and lovely. And yes, these portable devices can be hepful for some. I'm all for that!

Dear Rose,
Biofeedback is a proven treatment that aids in reducing stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart rate for many individuals.

Dear GW,
How cool is that lung surgical tool in the link? Gene Roddenberry would be so proud. I will call Dr. Crusher if you summon "Bones" for me.


S'onnie said...

It would be great if the machine could remove the reason for the stress for example the member in my team who loves pushing everyone's buttons. We had a team meeting while he was away and insted of running out of time and getting frustrated, we covered everything on the agenda and had 20 minutes left!

Dreaming again said...

welcome back!

That, looks interesting!!

SeaSpray said...

Interesting little piece of Technology. I always wait until things get cheaper. :)

Plus I figure I don't miss what I never had, hence it took me a while to get a microwave, VCR, CD player, Digital camera, cell phone and TiVo.

That being said- once having them, I can't imagine not having them.

I think it's great to have something created something that is a stress reducer. :)

Wanda's Wings said...

I need to get one ASAP

puhpaul said...

So, do you think it would work for reducing blood pressure caused by stress?


The Lone Beader said...

Interesting... For me, great sex is a stress eraser. ;)

STAG said...

Thank you SO much for dropping into my blog, its lovely to have visitors!
As far as 15 minutes with a bio-feedback machine....hmmm. I have been doing meditation as part of my jujuitsu for years, and 15 minutes a day with anything (an old dog, a crystal ball, a closed book, a stuffed toy) will focus you. You have to have a quiet enough environment to hear your heartbeat though. The value is in the quiet time!
Doesn't seem to help with my panic attacks though....but then, that is a different thing entirely.
The "sharper image" price will "never" come down! Sorry!

Cathy said...

I'll take 10! :)

Ms. Mom said...

Sounds good. Any techniques to reduce stress are valued. I keep my Betta, Jean-Claude, in my office and I look to his cool-blue feathery fins for tranquility. When that fails, I envision tossing him some annoying salesperson to devour.

Ms. MOM at

Dr. Deb said...

Dear S'Onnie,
THAT would be an awesome idea!

Dear Dreaming,
I like geeky things.

Dear Seaspray,
It is pricey, I agree.

Dear Wanda,
Me too. I'd like to try it out.

Dear Puhpual,
YEs, it should.

Dear Lone,
Sex is a good stress reducer!

Dear Stag,
Meditation and all the mastery of your Jujuisto are great skills. It is frustrating that it doesn't always help with panic. I've had panic attacks and they are unbearbale. And yes, the Sharper Image price is unlikely to go down.

Dear Cathy,
Ten? For family and friends I assume.

Dear MS. Mom,
Fantasy is a good stress reliever as you point out, and so are finding beautiful things to revere.


ideas tourist said...

Someone asked it the Stress Eraser actually works? Yes, for me at least. I took delivery of mine about five hours ago and with a little experimentation (~40 minutes) relaxed myself to the point were I fell asleep in the middle of the day!

The trick (if there is one) seems to be to lengthen your exhale and not breath to deeply which just gives you a headache.

I'll be a lot more careful how I use it in future. Relaxed is good but a little stress is motivational.