Thursday, June 28, 2007

The "Eyes" Have It

Did you know that the human iris pattern is more unique than fingerprints?

Though your retina can change with age, your iris remains intact. And no two iris blueprints are mathematically alike, even between identical twins and triplets.

Iris Scan technology has been growing for several decades. Many secured registered-traveler programs in the US and Canada incorporate iris scanning as part of their standards - allowing registered travelers to breeze through airport security. In the UK the "Iris Recognition Immigration System" is a fast and secure way to clear immigration. And in Amsterdam, you can fly passport free with iris scan recognition.

Many schools are implementing iris scanning to help with security, law enforcement uses this biometric technology to track prisoners, identify missing or lost children and senior citizens. Banking establishments and governmental agencies use the technology to prevent fraud, identity theft and terrorism.

But did you know that your iris can now detect your personality?

According to a recent Swedish study, people who are warm, loving, and trusting are more likely to have a greater number of crypts or pits on their iris. People with more furrows, or lines around the outside of the iris are more neurotic and prone to impulsiveness. The Pax6 gene, which is linked with tissue growth both in the iris and the brain, is also involved with the development of positive emotion and self-control.

Identification technology AND a personality profile?

The EYES really do have it!


Larsson, M., Pederson, N.L. & Stattin, H. (2007). Associations between iris characteristics and personality in adulthood. Biological Psychology, In Press.


Dawn said...

very cool!!!!
i always learn something when i come here :)


marie said...

Me Too! That is why I love reading this blog.

Dr Deb-Blog Addresses have changed,
please e-mail me at

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi dr. deb,
Another very interesting and informative post. Now I know why they say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Who knows how many more secrets and functions we will discover about our eyes.

Keep up with your very novel, entertaining and very informative posts. Just like Rowlings of Harry Potter fame, you keep us in bated anticipation for the next issue of your post. God bless you more with all the very best in life.

S'onnie said...

Thats really interesting. Thanks for sharing it with us. It certainly seems like a safe way to identify someone properly rather then relying on a piece of paper/ photo passport which can be altered or stolen.

Godwhacker said...

Very interesting. I like this technology. They say the eyes are are the window to the soul, and science is proving them right. But as a biometric-identifier, a eye scan is far less invasive then putting a "chip" in someone's body, which is something I refuse to do.

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Dawn,
I thought that detecting personality tendencies in one's eye was amazing.

Dear Marie,
Will email you later.

Dear Mel,
Thank you for your kind comments. I enjoy sharing information, especially on the subject of psychology. Blessings to you as well.

Dear S'Onnie,
I guess I have mixed feelings about the iris scan. From my reading, the technology can be done "in secret, without a person's knowledge". If I agree to a scan, that's fine because I've given my consent, but to know that it can be done without my consent gives me a chill.

Dear GW,
I don't like the chip thing either. Makes me think of "Logan's Run" - remember that movie?


Heidi said...

"Eye" know you'll have a great weekend.. Enjoy :)

DrGwenn said...

Wow! James Bond meets Jung-Myers-Briggs...the scifi visions of our childhoods has now become our realities in so many ways as adults and I find that very fascinating. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out as the research develops.

Dr. G

Midwife with a Knife said...

That's really cool. I wonder if that's part of the reason we almost instinctively make assumptions about people's personality based on their eyes?

You know, when you look at someone and think, "He (or she) has really kind eyes"? Maybe it's one of those things we know instinctually or something.

Big Brother said...

Cool technology, I'm sure that sooner or later it'll be used for everything. Just look on how much credit and debit card fraud there is. As for personality, who would have thaought that the eyes really were the windows of the soul. ;o)

OHN said...

I agree with midwife. I get a sense from people by their eyes, and now I am wondering if there is yet another a part of our brains that decifer what we are seeing without even realizing it.

Sarah said...

Very interesting! But on the long list of things I don't like to think about maybe being in my eye -- crypts, pits and furrows are way up there. Eek!

hahaha! in the word verification: "eiy"

Marj aka Thriver said...

High-tech cool! reminds me of all those spy movies with the eye scans. Hhmmmm...I consider myself warm and loving, but my abuse leaves me still somewhat untrusting. I wonder what my iris says about all that.

~Deb said...

Wait- what are pits on an iris? I have to check this out! I wish I would have known about this before picking out my dates! haha! This is great stuff. It's amazing how technology is getting more and more advanced. It's also scary in a way, isn't it?

Nancy said...

I think its going to be the mandatory thing for all jobs and schools soon. Anyone can alter an ID but it would be difficult to alter an iris.
thanks for the great info

Clare said...

Interesting post Deb and it reminded me of a campaign they have been using to get people to look out for a little girl that was abducted from her bed in the Algarve. Her one iris was very distinctive and they've been using pictures to show how people can still identify her if her appearance changes.

The Lone Beader said...

This is very interesting! How did they determine these personality tendencies??

Jade said...

Very cool info Deb. :-)

Sarebear said...

Anyone ever see the Spielberg/Tom Cruise movie Minority Report?

Rent it, Deb, it shows exactly how a society that is always scanning eyes for different reasons, could be like.

There's also the plotline about precognitive detection of crime and arresting people before they do it, but that's a whole 'nother thing.

Tom Cruise's character is walking somewhere in public, and billboards and ads start greeting him by name, and targeting their ads to what info they have stored on his preferences, shopping habits, etc.

Later in the movie, when he's on the run, he finds a solution to the eye identification problem.

Of course, I don't really think that could be done as easily or at all, as seen, but I think the aggressive eye-scan marketing and the like is very plausible for the future. Ugh!

Oh, on another plus size note, regrettably a female dancer on So You Think You Can Dance had to go to the hospital the other day, so they had a choreographer's assistant fill in and perform with the male partner that was left without a girl partner.

This assistant was plus size, and they were doing the cha-cha, flirty moves and all. That girl could MOVE! And she looked great doing it, too . . .

Anyway, it was nice to see another positive (and a bit more dressed) example of a plus-size gal doing things people think we can't. Woohoo!

(ok, my novel is over, lol!)

S'onnie said...

Wow Dr Deb, I didn't realise they could do it on the sly. Must not have read properly. I agree when I give permission that is one thing but when its done with out my knowledge that is definitely not ok!

kath said...

interesting.... and yet creepy.

I wonder how long it will be before they track us this way, the same way they can track cars passing by the cameras on the corner?

OCD On A Stick said...

I was aware of distinct iris patterns for each person and of iris scans. I was a little paranoid about someone trying to forge my iris pattern (in order to steal my identity) and therefore almost used a different avatar for my blog. (Is forging an iris pattern even possible? Ha! Ha!

Yours truely in espianage. OCD

Candace said...

That's fascinating, Deb. Thanks (again) for another great post and link!

jumpinginpuddles said...

ohh finally something we did know. retina analysis is more interesting than thumb print becasue it also reads according to somew beliefs the mood you are in (scary but true)

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Heidi,
Eye will. Hope you will too.

Dear Dr. G.
Your comment made me lol!

It may be something biological - that we are attuned to the eyes as much as we are.

Dear BB,
I read that it may be used with home computers to eliminate online fraud.

Dear OHN,
I like to think I do as well. Kind eyes, sinister eyes, etc.

Dear Sarah,
I know, the technical names are creepy. I like to think of them as flecks of color, ridges or waves of color, etc.

Dear MArj,
I bet your eyes say that you are a wonderful person!

Dear ~Deb,

Dear Nancy,
I didn't know the iris was more unique than fingerprints. That amazed me.

Dear Clare,
Amazing that they utilized her iris to help try to find her.

Dear Lone,
Apparently the Pax 6 gene research has all to do with it. I have no genetic understanding of it though.

Dear Jade,
Eye thought it would be a great post. Tee hee.

Dear Sare,
That was the last Tom Cruise movie I saw ( afterwards I discovered he was anti psychology/psychiatry and I haven't seen anything of his since). It was a great movie, and yes, his character found a very unusual way to get by the iris scan! And great info on the dance show, btw.

Dear S'Onnie,
I think they are trying to make the technology that fast. Not sure if they can do it now.

Dear Kath,
That's probably a goal of the security agencies....scares me too.

Dear OCD,
You are so cute.

Dear CAndace,
Amazing how nerubiologically wired we are as a species.

Dear JIP,
I think you mean iris, not retina.


kath said...

Hi Deb

re: your question
I stumble....

i love it.. have a look......

A Mom Who Thinks Too Much said...

You know what's funny? If we could scan our eyes via our Web browsers right now to see what the "scanner" would say about our personality, we'd all do it in an instant! Just be careful "they" aren't collecting information about you at the same time.

Reminds me of our relationship with the Web, in general. What are we willing to give up, in exchange for self-interest?

Hmm ... Thinking too much. As usual. :)

jumpinginpuddles said...

heheeheh yeh that too :P Shows never answwer blogs after driving four hours to get home and tired and having had a glass of wine :P

Marie said...

The eyes are windows to the soul. You can tall a lot about a person by looking in theirs.

The Lone Beader said...

Hi Dr. Deb. Thanks for your sweet comment today! Just wanted u to know that U are linked on my War of Words blog... :D

PalmTreeChick said...

I want a personality profile. Then again...maybe I don't. ;)

Moofie said...

Dr. Deb, I knew about the individuality of each person's iris - but I had never heard of the personality study. Amazing! I wonder if those patterns would continue to hold true with expanded research, and if perhaps even more information would come to light!

Thanks for the post! Very interesting!

United We Lay said...

I like the technology but it makes me nervous. It's probably a paranoia thing, but what if employers start using this to gain insight into your personality or advertisers use it to determine how best to market to you? With great power comes great responsibilty, and with the things I'm seeing in our society lately, I don't think we deserve or will correctly handle the responsibility that comes with this technology.

east village idiot said...

Wow. Now I really do want to get my eyes done - like getting my chart done!

Belizegial said...

Dr. Deb, this is very interesting. As we have always known, the eyes are a window to one's soul.

From my own experience looking directly into another's eyes, I can learn a little something about their personality. Albeit from a brief glance or more steady interaction.

Technology meeting up with god-given instinct and common sense.


MYSTI said...

Oh how very Interesting! I knew about every eye being unique to each person, but had no idea at all that it could tell a persons personality! Thanks for being such wonderful source of information for us all!


dragonflyfilly said...

yep, i knew that about the iris, but i wonder with genetics now being said to affect all aspects of our beings, i.e. personality, health, i think we are matter what we eat or how hard we try to modify our behaviour, our genes have the final say...or does that mean i just have more furrows and lines? -- oh well, time for another beer (*chuckle*)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the wonderful comments you made. Those are treasures for me. God bless you in all your endeavors in life.

Clare said...

Happy 4th July Deb and hope you have a great day.

Debaser said...

This story reminded me of "Minority Report", too. I thought that was a fantastic film. Most of the technology depicted in it is either possible now or soon will be (maglev transit, those talking cereal boxes/animated paper, iris scans). Very thought-provoking.

Dr. Deb said...

Hey Kath,
Thanks for the link.

Dear OCD,
I hope it can't be duplicated!

Dear Mom,
I don't think you're thinking too much.

Dear JIP,
I was just being ocd, lol!

Dear Marie,
I think so too.

Dear Lone,
Thanks, I will link you too.

Dear Palmtree,
Personality profiles can be fun and intersting. Sometimes they can tell us things we don't really want to realize I can see your point.

Dear Moofie,
I agree. Would be so interesting.

Dear United,
Yes, that is the challenging aspect here. If the technology can be used only for good, not evil.

Dear EVI,
Yes, like an astrology charting.

Dear Belize,
I often think I can sense a person from their eyes. Maybe there is a pre-wired biological instinct to that.

Dear Mysti,
Apparently there are similarities and distinguishing patterns that reveal certain personality tendencies. It is amazing.

Dear Dragonfly,
Genes are the steering wheel, so to speak.

Dear Mel,
Thanks. I've linked you as well.

Dear Clare,
Thanks for the holiday wishes. I will be watching Wimbeldon today in your country (via tellie of course).

Dear Debaser,
It is amazing how often science fiction begets technology and vice versa.


Rose said...

Freedom as we know it is so over.....but I do think it can be a wonderful thing except folks will use it to do wrong!