Sunday, June 24, 2007

Brazil Yogurt Shames Large Women

When I first saw this photo I thought, "Wow, what a beautiful woman." Tucked in the corner is a container of Fit Light Yogurt, manufactured in Brazil.

"How terrific. This must be another company showing how beauty comes in different sizes," I continued.

But as I read the tag line of the ad, my eyes widened in disbelief:

"Forget about it. Men’s preference will never change. Fit Light Yogurt."
The ad campaign, which shows large women in famous cinematic poses, suggests that men wouldn't find this photo sexy.

Beauty and health advertisements often don't reflect reality. Advertisements like this are created to do one thing: convince you to buy a specific product...and to sell you this specific product, advertisers will often construct an emotional experience that looks like reality. [2]

So the psychological message in this advertising campaign is that men are only attracted to a glamorous, thin, young female . . .see Mena Suvari in the original "American Beauty" image.

And if YOU are not thin or hollywood-glam, you should go out, buy this yogurt and make that transformation happen.

Well, I ain't buying it - the message or the yogurt!

And don't you either.

Vive la difference. THAT is reality.

[1] Fit Light Yogurt
[2] PBS: Eating Disorders


Grumpy Old Man said...

Personally, I like the ampler type pictured above.

But then, my dogs are not whippets named Anorexia and Marasmus.

Orcadia said...

My heart always leaps when I see ads that show more realistically sized models. Quite frankly I am so bored anf fed up of seeing unrealistically skinny female models advertising products that the advert has the opposite effect on me....instead of persuading me to but their product, I deliberately avoid it. But maybe I am a minority?

Dr. Deb said...

Dear GOM,
I think beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. I love your wit, as always.

Dear Oracdia,
I don't think you are in the minority. I also avoid such products as do you. Wanted to visit your blog, but couldn't get there. Hope you;'ll come by again.


east village idiot said...

Well I don't know squat about Brazil but let me give you the update here in the east village.

I spent most of my life having every latin guy in this neighborhood call me "mommy" - and I've got an ass you can set a table on (as we say in my neck of the woods).

So I don't know who the hell they're talking about.

All different men like all different kinds of women - and vice versa.

Dr. Deb said...

Dear EVI,
I agree with you 100%. There are those who may not take a second look at the junk in my trunk where others will. So, there ya go. Just the other day I walked out of a 7-11 and held the door open for a man entering. He smiled and said, "Thanks, Mami". I felt so wonderful after that!

Have a good rest of the weekend!


Midwife with a Knife said...

grumpy: Hah! :)

Personally I found the more Rubenesque woman much more attractive. Women are supposed to be curvey. Pre-adolescent children are the only ones who are supposed to be sticks. And who wants to be with a child? (oh.. never mind...)

Godwhacker said...

I think she is so hot. And the thing is, she's not even a little fat. She has a beautiful complexion, hair, and smile.

I bet that yogurt tastes like sour milk :(

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Thank you so much for this article. I know I will sound bitter in my comment, but I am. As I opened your blog I happened to be chatting with a male friend and sent him the two photos for his opinion. He said:

"the first one is to young, baby fat looking and the second one is too skinny
the "perfect" woman has to look like she exercises, but not to excess"

I say, yeah it takes all kinds of men but here in So Cal its rare to see an overweight woman with a man because there are too many "perfect" ones running around.

I was on a dating site, used the same profile and the same photos (head shot only)but listed myself as "average" in one and "could use a few pounds" in the other. The 2nd one got no attention AT ALL. The first one got lots of attention until I told them I was overweight and they suddenly had an old girlfriend show up or some other lame excuse not to meet me.
I rest my case.

I hate this issue because I will never be thin enough it seems. So I have to settle for alone unless that rare man that likes chubby chicks comes along or my body miraculously changes shape.

I've spend the last ten years trying to accept myself (before that I was thinner) and I don't think I ever will but I have to starve myself to lose and I gain back immediately. So what do you suggest? Settle for being alone, move to another state or starve?

Dream Writer said...

A lot of men like women with curves and those that are overweight.

The first picture looks great. The woman has some awesome curves and a figure to die for.

The 2nd picture - the woman looks like a 2 by 4 (board) flat as a board that is.

Look at our sex goddesses: Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, - they were all a size 14 and more!

PalmTreeChick said...

Ironically enough, I just ate a Columbo lite yogurt for dinner. Ha!

JustMe said...

this is a troubling ad campaign. the model is beautiful in it, so why did they have to ruin it with such a terrible statement.

Fallen Angels said...

I'm reading the ad differently...of course it very well could be my purple/idealistic brain! When I was in Mexico on vacation I was hit on multiple times a day...WAY more than I have been my entire life in the USA, including when I was thin. Latin men (and women) seem to prefer curves. Could the ad be saying that men prefer the body type the picture shows? That trying to lose weight is a mistake so forget about it? Be light yogurt would be a healthier choice than regular yogurt?

marie said...

It is this kind of narrow minded thinking that contrbutes to the poor body image trap. It makes want to hurl!

Beauty is where you find it. Not in the eyes of some shallow men. I know that there are ment out there that prefer bigger women.

All advertising is to me is a bunch of lies to make money and exploit the less fortunate.

jane said...

The woman in the top photo is so much prettier & healthier. She's beautiful!
The lower photo, well she just looks sick. It's sad that society teaches females we should aspire to look sickly.

Dr. Deb said...

Dr. Deb said...
Body type is genetically coded as you know, so there are limited things we can actually do to change that. And GOM *has* great wit.

Dear GW,
I thought the photo was lovely. I find beauty in all sizes, colors, sexes, etc.

Dear Layla,
Be confident and beautiful in your own skin. You will find that if you can love yourself, others will too. No need to move, starve or be alone. There are many men (and women) who love a fuller figured woman just as they are men (and women) who enjoy a slender, slim-hipped woman. What matters is knowing who you are and loving yourself no matter what!!

Dear Dream,
What one finds attractive will vary from person to person. There is no one solitary definition for beauty. And you are right, thru the ages, female sex idols were shapely and not in the single digits.

Dear Palmtree,
I know that this subject is a lightening bolt for many who struggle with their own body image. I just think there's room for many different "kinds" of beauty.

Dear Justme,
I have NO idea. And in spanish:
No tengo la minor idea.

Dear Fallen,
I thought that at first as well. However, take a look here:

Dear Marie,
Advertising *can* be very manipulative.

Dear Jane,
A singular ideal for beauty is very harmful, I agree. If only we can educate men, women and children that beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, colors we'd all benefit.


Ron in Houston said...

I think it is a waist/hip ratio that is really important rather then a particular body style.

Culture is a strong factor, but I still believe that there are many things that are primary factors.

Fallen Angels said...

I can't view the link Deb...getting a page not found error. :(

Anyway...I was *hoping* it was the message I stated...especially since if I ever reach my goal weight, I will be as "thin" as the brazilian model! And just so everyone knows, my weight loss goals are because I have diabetes and asthma...not *only* because I am unhappy/have a poor body image, although that is also there.

Anonymous said...

I thought the woman in the first photo was really beautiful. It reminded me of the comments floating around about Kate Winslet's body in "Titanic".

Women were meant to have shapely curves.

I believe myself to be an Average size woman despite that I'm at least 40-50 lbs heavier than I'd like to be. I don't focus on my weight enough to be a slave to a gym. I stay active with a variety of activities (working out not yet one of them) and I eat fairly balanced - I think my lifestyle choices far outweigh what I look like.

Weight has nothing to do with beauty and beauty has nothing to do with weight.

It would be a much better world if more focus was spent on the inner personality and character of people, as opposed to their outward appearance. "Shallow Hal" was a great movie to point out the importance of this message.

Thank you for posting things that make you think - as always.

Lynn said...

Personally, when I looked at her, I did not think she looked overweight. She looks pretty normal to me. Naked, but normal. I didn't think the second one was too thin, either. Naked, but not too thin. Yeah, I guess I mostly noticed the nudity.

kath said...

you know... i thought the same thing.... that she is beautiful. and she is...

such crap

I have been using Dove products almost exclusively since they switched to using real women.

On my own website... where I have been with the same women for 10 years, pretty much.... I said something about real women and larger sized women like me..
and two women.. ( mother and daughter. large women... nice..)went nuts on me. It never crossed my mind that they would be upset that I said that we were all larger sized women, and they were insulted.

I was stunned.

I know that I am larger sized... I have a mirror...but it has gotten to the point that people wont even admit to themselves , since apparently we are supposed to look like twigs

Id it is said...

Without meaning to sound cynical...
People, especially women (unfortunately), depend on others to dictate how they should think, how they should interpret their reality! Indeed, it says very little for their self esteem and their intelligence. Which being the case, the marketing industry has a field day manipulating the female of our species to suit a capitalistic agenda. Perfect guinea pigs for a market driven economy.

Great post Deb!

PalmTreeChick said...

There's definitely room, Doc!!

Heidi said...

I'm glad you talked about this..I do have body image issues and just by reading all the comments you have been getting is adding positive reinforcement. Thank u Deb and bloggers.

Btw..The woman is beautiful..The Yogurt is not!

Godwhacker said...

Me Too Deb,
the only time weight should ever be an issue is when someone becomes so large (or so thin) that their health is in jeopardy. Withing that spectrum beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, and genders. A person outside of that spectrum can still be beautiful and self-esteem and how we judge others should not be based on physical appearance.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Thanks for your comment back to me, Deb. I know you are right but I still don't think I'll get any dates.
I'll let you know if I do :)

Ms.L said...

I find the lusher woman way more attractive. So does my husband.
So THERE stupid yogurt company!

Sarah said...

besides does anyone really think the second photo wasn't photoshopped? I doubt Hollywood sends out a movie poster without manipulating the image. Who knows how she really looked.

Ian Lidster said...

My dear Dr. Deb, I think the lady in the first picture is gorgeous and very appealing. It's a myth, I think, that men are only attracted to waif-like Kate Moss creatures. Maybe it's my age, but I like rounded females with all their implied softeness rather than protruding hip bones.
Good post,

Big Brother said...

Once upon a time, women with curves were in... just look at the paintings by Reuben, or Titian. They were considered to be healthy and better able to bear children. Thin women were sickly and probably not long for this world. The first woman in my opinion is much better looking than the stick thin girl in the second photo. The advertising companies just haven't understood yet. Here in Canada the population is aging, and lets face it, we don't get thinner with age. They should realize that we are the ones who have all the disposable income.

Nancy said...

I suffer from a distoted body image. I know i'm not fat but I HATE summer when the shorts and shorts sleeve clothes come out. A bathing suit sends me over the edge. I do not know why I am like this, who knows maybe it all the TV ads and the expectations of women to always look their best.
I am at my best with the turtleneck, jeans and sweat comfy clothes.

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Ron,
Attraction is a unique experience. No one shape should ever be the model.

Dear Fallen,
Go to Posugar website and then search for brazil yogurt ad. Tell me what you think after you view the other photos.

Dear Misty,
YEs, I remember all that Titanic stuff. Kate Winslet was gorgeous in that movie. I enjoyed "Shallow Hal" so much. Had a good message.

Dear Lynn,
Both women are beautiful. No one form should be seen as the ultimate. Our genes just won't let that be so!

Dear Kath,
I've been in that situation as well. I found myself miffed when I used the phrase "us plus-size gals" with a group of friends. I made everyone mad, but it was the truth. And these women are beautiful in my opinion.

Dear ID,
You are not cynical, you are a realist.

Dear Palmtree,
Yes, I think so. Everyone should love themselves whatever size, shape, color, etc ....

Dear Heidi,
I am glad that it can help you as well as other appreciate the uniqueness that is truly YOUR OWN.

Dear GW,
I agree. Health is what it's all about.

Dear Layla,
Repeat after me: "I will get dates. I will get dates". Anything short of positive thinking will keep you in a self-propelled cycle of negativity. Don'tcha think?

Dear MS L.
My hubby was looking over my shoulder as I blogged this post. He just rolled his eyes and said, "Dumb stupid yogurt company...she's so pretty". Guess we are married to good men ;)

Dear Sarah,
Excellent point.

Dear Ian,
So much goes into who we choose as a mate. The bond we have with our parents, how we are raised, what we find beautiful, etc. It such a unique experience. That's why one ideal for beauty cannot exist.

Dear BB,
You made some very excellent points.

Dear Nancy,
It *IS* hard to dilute a distorted body image, but not impossible. Acceptance and redefinition are required. Keep trying. I bet you can chip away at it a little at a time.


Todd and in Charge said...

Wow, what a catch.

I found the "zoftig" woman beautiful and far more attractive.

United We Lay said...

Body image is a HUGE problem in Latin America as well as in the US. The advertising dollars are spent on ideals tha are unattainable, but because we are presented witht hem at such an early age, the lines between idealistic and realistic become blurred. Worse, the image of what it means to be a woman is largely molded by advertising and religious norms much less often than it is defined by the woman herself.

DrGwenn said...


Why am I not surprised this ad was from Brazil!

My vote, and my husbands, is image #1 and that would be my hope for my daughter's some day.

I love the sizing game that designers use...size 0?? Really. At least start at a true number!

So, I say this: accept your curves, girls, we all have 'em!

Dr. g

Cathy said...

Terrible. The first photo is so much nicer than the second.
I think this anorexia bit is strictly for Hollywood.

Jade said...

Ahhh I have too much to say on this one!!! Hee hee, so I'll just simply this...Nobody likes a bone except for a dog. Love yourself ladies, because when you truly love yourself, its easy for others to love you as well. :-)

Anonymous said...


The Lone Beader said...

Wow. That is just wrong. I think the first woman is much more beautiful...

Dreaming again said...

it's crazy what people think

Sid said...

I recently pulled out a box of old clothes I had saved from when I was about 20 yrs old and 125 lbs. As my 15 yr old daughter was sifting through them to see what "vintage" stuff she could incorporate into her wardrobe, she noticed that the size on all them was a 12. She was shocked to find that they all fit her because by today's clothing standards, at 125 lbs, she's a size 6. (we're both about 5'7" tall too)

It's got me wondering...was it consumer demand or the clothing & advertising industries that made it no longer ok to be a size 12 at a healthy weight of 125 lbs. Guess that's a whole which came first, the chicken or the egg, scenario.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I agree with you Dr. Deb. That ad smacks of female exploitation and mind conditioning. Being thin is not necessarily glamorous nor being fat, unglamorous. How often are we led by mass hysteria and the bandwagon mentality to accept a certain product, fad or even mindset as something beautiful or desirable. We have to exercise our own judgment on everything, unmindful of the brainwashing effects of mind control experts.

Danyel said...

I just found your blog today! You are interesting! And I'm just sick of the media and their infatuation with bodies, period. Make it stop. *holds face*

:) See ya again, will be back!

Dawn said...

woah, that's just.....really, really bad! I'm speechless and very saddened by this :( What a bunch of morons these people are who made this ad. i wonder if the women who modeled for the ad were told ahead of time what the tag line would read.

Dr. Deb said...

Dear TAIC,
You made me smile.

Dear United,
We need to educate all that body size and shape differ for people of all races. Acceptance is so important for self empowerment.

Dear Dr. G,
Real Women Have Curves.

Dear Cathy,
We need to stretch the "body image" tolerance even more!

Dear Jade,
Great words of wisdom. The greatest gift a person can give themselves (man or woman) is to love and appreciate themselves.

Dear Traci,
If I'm lyin' I dyin'.

Dear Lone Beader,
Both woman are beautiful. They are different AND beautiful.

Dear Dreaming,
We need to help change perceptions so we can all love ourselves and appreciate life.

Dear Sid,
Wow, that is such a great story. See....look the manipulation of the fashion industry. Shame shame shame on them.

Dear Mel,
Your words are wise.

Dear Danyel,
So gald you stopped by.

Dear Dawn,
I couldn't believe it at first either. I had to read it again to be sure and to look at the other photos.


The Lone Beader said...

U are right, and thanks for stoppin by my 'secret blog'! Butter yellow was the colour... :)

SeaSpray said...

The first woman is so beautiful and sexy! The other one is pretty too - just different. To each their own but I hate the message it is giving to the young girls etc. or people with self esteem body issues.

I never had the "perfect" body but came within 10 lbs of it - once. I remember a guy told me once , "ohhh...if you would lose JUST 10 lbs - you would have a PERFECT body!" I am 5'8", large boned frame and so I am not sure what perfect body is. I never had it. when I was younger even though I had lots of compliments - I didn't feel it because back then I had self esteem/body issues. I always compared myself to the size 7 girls where I was the 14! Thank God I didn't know about anorexia or bulemia or I may have been tempted. As it was I did stupid things, crash diets, beer diets - that was my weekend diet - fun - but didn't eat anything but lettuce because I wanted the beer to go through me! Duh! I think THAT was dehydration and so as soon as I ate again I was right back where I was. I didn't gain though. I was 18 for that one. Ahhh, ignorance is bliss. :)

Now that I am older I can accept and believe a compliment but every now and then the old tapes play and I will diffuse a compliment instead of graciously just saying thank you.

It is sooo very important to accept who you are - embrace it, have fun and just live your life to the fullest.

Informative post!

Sarebear said...

OhmyHELL! THAT IS one of the most DISGRACEFUL, irresponsible, OVERbearing, insulting, ill-thought ad I've seen in awhile.

DANGEROUS for teen girls, as well as women with issues touched on by this.

Y'know, the snarky thought occurred to me, that Europe and elsewhere spout off on how they think we should vote, on what our attitudes should be, and how could any moron keep voting the way they do, etc. My snarky thought was, well (from their point of view) we'll just keep feeding them (no pun intended) degrading messages in the media, set impossible and/or dangerous "standards" of beauty or thinness . . . . geez.

Actually, the ribs on that original movie pic intrude on the scene of a healthy young woman; they interfere with it.

The more "ample" (I'd say, attractively curvy!) model, on the other hand . . . if I was a man, va va voom! I'm straight tho, no worries there lol. She's a beauty, and I'd hope they didn't tell her what they were going to do with her photo; they probably didn't. If they had, and it was me, I'd storm off the set.

I won't buy that yogurt, and will check to see what ad agency put that together, and see what else they've done. UGH!

Thanks for bringing this up.

jumpinginpuddles said...

far out seeing the two contrasts definately the bigger one, besides all yoghurt is fattening anyway so the in reality the add should have said "this picture shows how good our yoghurt can look in taste style and contrast" then we might actually think of buying it ;)

Raine said...

ok- I'm offended by everyone referring to that woman as zaftig and large. She is NOT. She is a well rounded very beautiful woman. The woman doesnt even have cellulite for heaven's sake and everyone is talking as if she weighs 400 pounds. Even here in "critical weight concious california" If I still had a body like (and I used to) I'd be walking round in a bikini and I'd have men following me around drooling. Seriously. There are zillions of men out there-everywhere that would that woman walking round with a little bounce in her step absolutely irrisistable!! I would take her body in a heartbeat and flaunt it.

Lynn said...

I heard something on a tv commercial today that made me think of this post. It was for some kind of weight loss product aimed at men. The guy on the commercial said something like, "My wife thinks/says that I'm less disgusting now" (after using the product)! I could NOT BELIEVE IT!!! That is just outrageous. It made me angry because my husband is overweight and the thought of a spouse picking on the other in such a cruel manner made me feel ill. What is wrong with people?! This is an AWFUL commercial!!!

alan said...

I was always more into Marilyn than Twiggy...

and always will be!


MYSTI said...

Makes me sick how society in general gives out the message that thin is more beautiful. I thought the lady in the first pic was so beautiful. Made me not want to buy the yogurt.


Meow said...

I prefer the first picture, the "bigger" girl ... she definately looks healthier than the skinnier girl. It's a shame advertisers tend to use the skinny people ... not the realistic people.
Take care, Meow

Fallen Angels said...

Hey Deb...replying to your comment on my blog...

Looking at the other two pictures, now I'm offended...and a little sad too. Sad because I found the first model to be absolutely gorgeous, the second to be average and the third disgusting. Now before everyone jumps on's my personal issues rearing their ugly heads with the third one! She has MY body type! The other two appear to have healthy waist/hip ratios...the third does not. Even as a 16 year-old volleyball player, regonal track star and cheerleader, I never had a small waist...very "boyish" looking from the back (had a far too ample chest to be boyish from the front!). A woman could weigh 300 lbs and if she has a little waist I'm jelous. There's also the issue that I really can't stand Sharon Stone and I thought that particular scene tey are imitating was one of the stupidest/most disgusting scenes in a movie ever!

I also find myself wondering if the models even knew what the plans for the ad were. Someone else said that oo...walking off the set would have definitely been appropriate!

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Lone,
SOunds like a beautiful hue. Yummy too.

Dear Seaspsray,
I've heard that line before too. Now that I am older and can kick some serious ass, I shoot back a remark that leaves the person feeling small- as in embarassed!

Dear JIP,
That's a novel way to look at it!

Dear RAine,
I try not to get too lost over the adjectives one uses - but I see what you mean,

Dear Lynn,
I saw that commerical TOO. It was for nutrisystem and it was Dan Marino and some of his ex football buddies. I had the same reaction when the man said that!!!

Dear Alan,
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Vive la difference.

Dear Mysti,
Made me not want to travel to Brazil too.

Dear Meow,
Messages need to include all kinds of beauty. Not just the idealized.

Dear FAllen,
I thought I'd include the others when I found them. Makes me mad too! I also wondered if the women knew what the ads were being used for.


PalmTreeChick said...

Yes, they (we) should. Too bad most of us don't.

Sarebear said...

Deb, you forgot me!! That's ok, I know by now that you wouldn't purposely do so. I forget stuff all the time, anyway . . . . what was I saying?

Hee hee.

Lynn said...

The models may not have known anything about what the pictures would be used for. I used to work as a model and I had to sign releases for photographs, sometimes before I even saw them all!! They very well may have no idea...

Shannon A. Long said...

Well now I’m inspired… not to eat Fit Light Yogurt ever, ever again.

Greco said...

Just one thing: I not only live in Brazil, I live in the city where Itambé is headquartered. And I had never, ever seen or heard of those ads until now.

Wanda's Wings said...

It no wonder we are never happy with our bodies.

TBTAM said...

This ad campaign is absolutely shameful.

I did a quick blurb and a link so others can come and join the discussion. Great post!

Sarebear said...

I saw America's Got Talent (embarassed to admit!!!) and there was a group of 4 ladies, curvacious plus size gals; dressed in partially patent-leather type and other stuff, partly corset-style, some w/fishnet stockings, Pussy-cat Dolls style, mixed with another group's style I can't remember.

Now, while I disapprove of such revealing clothing, at the same time I applaud their courage, their acceptance of their bodies, their desire to show women, men, and society at large that it DOESN'T matter what size you are, you can follow your dreams, and that you are sexy, too, actually.

They could really SING, too.

The funny thing is, Piers, one of the judges on the show, said that he is one of those English chaps who actually prefer this type of gal . . . . before he even said it, you could SEE on his face that it was as though his personal fantasy had just walked on stage (which, I suppose, they just had, lol!). I could see him trying to disguise the . . . strength of attraction he had for them, is a polite way of putting lust lol, but he did say that he was attracted to and admiring their "charms". It was clear he enjoyed their bodies, and I thought BRAVO, for not being ashamed of your preference, and for speaking up about it on national television.

These ladies were wearing clothing far outside my standards of modesty, and yet I can admire their boldness, their acceptance, and their example of busting (no pun intended, lol! There was alot of "bust-ing" going on . . .) stereotypes and prejudices. That last, especially is VERY important, and SO MUCH what Deb's post is about.

These ladies will be back on the next show, not this next Tuesday, but the one after; Deb, I'd be interested in what you think if you catch it on TV/TIVO what have you.

Oh, one more thing; I watch QVC sometimes, and, in fact, it's the only place I've found jeans that fit me pretty well, as they carry many things in plus sizes!! They frequently show the clothing modeled on plus size models, in addition to the more usual (sometimes skinny, but they don't appear unhealthily so) sizes of models. Kudos to them!! As well as for having a few elders as models from time to time, as well.

Val said...

I got here from TBTAM's blog - this was a great post! I'm going to link to you in my next newsletter. Lots of interesting comments. This ad campaign is really awful...

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Palmtree,
yeah, I hear ya! It would be helpful if there were more.

Dear Sare,
A thousand apologies. I did forget. Not intended, dear friend!!!!!

Dear Lynn,
I didn't know that's how things work. Thanks for giving an inside view to that.

Dear Shannon,
Me too. No yogurt por me.

Dear Greco,
Wow, that's amazing!!!

Dear Wanda,
YEs, if we are "fed" info like this. I teach my kids that beauty is seen in different races, ages, colors, creeds and sizes. I think appreciating what makes us different helps us to embrace our own individuality.

I just found it so disturbing. On so so many levels. I'll come visit you too.

Dear Sare,
What a great story. I didn't see that show, but it sounds like it was liberating. I also think QVC does a great job showing age and size ranges of beauty!

Dear Val,
I will come and visit you too. Thanks for coming by.


Marina Giorgii said...

By complaining about media promulgating an ‘unrealistic’ beauty ideal you are totally missing the point. More over, your effort to fix that perceived problem is like trying to put a band-aid on a pimple that is on already dead body.

1. The beauty ideal by definition is unrealistic and unattainable by most. (Note: It is one of the conditions of beauty, not all of them. But probably the only condition that’s obvious and universal.) Nothing is perceived as beauty in the first place unless it’s rare. ‘Everybody is beautiful’ is an oxymoron, because, once everyone possesses a certain quality, it becomes ‘common’ and is no longer sought after. In lean times, everybody was thin- so plump and curvaceous was in. Now, in times of plenty and lack of necessity to work hard physically to survive, thin and fit is in. Youth is fleeting- which is why it was always considered a part of the ‘beauty package’. Especially now, as we live longer and population grows older. Older people looking young are rare- therefore, people looking younger than their chronological age are considered more beautiful than their ‘chronologically average’ peers. Most people with age put on fat on their stomachs and backs- so those who don’t for whatever reason (intense exercise and scientifically shrewd diet, rare genetics or just plain stupid lazy lipo) stand out and attract attention. Etc, etc.
2. The problem is not that the media ‘promulgates’ a certain ideal of beauty or ‘creates’ it. Media does not create any ideals- it follows the already exiting trends and picks up on already existing ideas, and sells you what’s the most sellable. The real problem is, the beauty is overemphasized, and too much importance is put on being beautiful. As opposed to being intelligent, talented, achieving, or having a great character.
PS Though, I’m sure, if the media “promulgated” those qualities in place of beauty, there would be whiners complaining that not everybody wins genetic lottery of talent and high IQ, or that ‘being a mother and wife’ is more important than being a high achiever. Which brings us to the argument 3.
3. I said in my second argument that the real problem is in too much emphasis being put on beauty, I also compared that ‘problem’ with a pimple on already dead body. Why? Because the population is so grossly overgrown, there are so many of us now, that standing out of the crowd even for one brief moment in one’s lifetime becomes extremely difficult. And more and more conditions are added to the ‘standing out’ being possible. Beauty seems became another one of them. I can theorize that if human population shrunk to at least acceptable maximum (that our planet can sustain long term) which is a third of what we are now, each individual would get much more appreciation and acknowledgement.

In conclusion, beauty is rare, life is unfair, deal with it. Do not judge people who exercise ‘too much’ or ‘don’t enjoy life’ because they are more careful than you with what they put in their mouth, or those who use plastic surgery, or are just plain lucky and stay younger a decade longer than most, etc, etc. Life is short and so is joy- let them be. Whether someone has boob job or not is totally irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things. None of us is in a position to judge others or to give a ‘moral’ advice. Let’s instead do our best with what each of us got- intelligence, talents, physique- and put our energy in and derive our self-respect from that.

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Marina,
I think beauty is *not* rare. I see beauty everyday. And, your response makes me think you've never read my blog or comments before.

Enrico said...

I'm late to this comment thread but I could NOT BELIEVE what I saw. I thought exactly the same thing you thought; in fact, I even thought, "Wow, that's like a new Kate Dillon!" (ex-"Mode" model)

Um, not only are they wrong, but who the !@%$ is a yogurt company trying to speak on behalf of men's preferences? Then again, in Brazil, you have a culture very much based on beaches, open displays of varying nudity, etc; perhaps this imposes a heightened degree of self-consciousness.

Nah, I vote for simple corporate greed. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This eye says the top photo is beautiful.

Enrico said...

Also, I can't help but think--these women went through the trouble to go to a photo shoot, subject themselves to a bajillion shots ("Yes, just like that, a little to the left, now more flab... *click* Perfect!") before the ad agency picked the one they wanted, and I'd assume knew what the ad campaign was about.

I know it's a paycheck, but how "zaftig" is the irony here--they're painstaikingly glamorized for the photo shoot yet participating in an image that knowingly labels them as undesirable and unworthy.

Makes one wonder..

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Enrico,
Loved your comments and insight.


SAM said...

It's indeed interesting the fact that this created such a polemic here.

Nontheless, let me only tell you that at their site you may find the follwoign text:

"Comunicado Iogurte Itambé Fit Light
A Itambé ficou indignada ao tomar conhecimento da propaganda do Iogurte Itambé Fit Light, cujas peças publicitárias se encontram disponíveis na Internet e foram criadas pela Agência de Publicidade Salles Chemistri para um festival de Propaganda.
As peças publicitárias enviadas pela Agência para o Festival não foram submetidas à aprovação da Itambé e, portanto não expressam os reais valores da Itambé.
Em carta oficial, a Salles assume a responsabilidade pela autoria da campanha.
Ressaltamos que a Itambé, ao longo de seus 59 anos de existência, sempre teve por princípio o respeito a todos os seus consumidores.

Basically, they weren't aware that their publicity agency created those adds and used them in a competion...
Well, whose mistake it was, doesn't matter.

What matters is that respect should be higher than anything else.

Kimberly said...

Well,'s that old debate over what constitutes "beauty". Personally I would prefer the curvier model, mostly because I am far closer to her than any of those anorexic, eating-disordered young chicks they dare call "actresses" or "models" these days. Cultural expectations of women are, IMHO, completely warped. Whether you're beautiful or not is not dependent on what size you are; there are so many other factors that come into play. Some women are beautiful at a size 2, others at a size's all in how you're structured. We're not all thin, lanky waifs, after all. Some of us have a heavier bone structure, and that requires some "curve" to balance it out and look proportional. Personally, I think many are a bit too obsessed with some unattainable ideal. Those people you see on TV that have had tons of plastic surgery are the most freakish expressions of our problematic beauty standards.

D.P. said...


Dr. Deb said...

Dear Sam,
Respect and tolerance and acceptance. My three goals for the media,

Dear Kimberely,
Great comments.

Dear DP,
I know!


Rose said...

the pumper woman looks waaay better and more sexy with all those dad always said don't nobody want a bone but a dog...

Pixie said...

I prefer the large women in these ads... they are confident, touchable, approachable, real.


Amit said...

As a straight guy, I can categorically say that I find that woman sexy and attractive. So, whoever came up with that ad is not playing on men's idea of a beautiful woman, but men's idea of a beautiful woman as perceived by women (or as sold to women). Stay away from that yogurt!! ;)

Angel Chasse said...

I had the exact same thought as you when I first saw the picture, and was glad that you posted the pic.. reading the tagline though pretty much made me angry... I get the humor angle they might have been going for, but to me, they missed the mark.. totally...

Informative as always :) Thanks!

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Rose,
I love your father's saying.

Dear Pixie,
I think beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Dear Angel,
Yup, they missed.


Plus Size Swimwear said...

For years we have been seeing skinny models take the front line. Its about time that the plus size ladies get a chance to represent the majority. I for one think these models are beautiful!

Yhavhe said...

Hi, I agree 100 % I love the picture with the large woman lying in the bed of roses, she is soooo beautiful!!! She must be so much better than an anorexic girl in bed.

Mezo said...

i liked ur comment "beauty comes in all sizes" the ad is very annoying and shocking too, and way from reality, they think that will help them and change people's attitudes..

it just won't