Sunday, May 20, 2007

No Whining Zone

"What Workers Want: A Worldwide Study of Attitudes to Work and Work-Life Balance" by FDS International - a leader in market research, says that France is the biggest complainer about work and employment and Ireland is the least.

The Top 10 work-whiny countries are:

1. France
2. UK and Sweden (tied for second)
4. USA
5. Australia and Portugal (tied for fifth)
7. Canada and Greece (tied for seventh)
9. Poland
10. Germany and Spain (tied for tenth)

The three countries with the least amount of work whining:

* The Netherlands
* Thailand
* and the least whiniest country of all was - Ireland.

For more on the research, click here

I wonder what makes one country more demanding or more accepting than others?


Dreaming again said...

We're in 4th??? I would not want to hear the whining that goes on in the top 3 countries! We're bad enough!!!!!!

I did not think it could be worse than it gets here!

Skye said...

Hehe, I am so "Glad" I work @ night and after the bars close.

east village idiot said...

I think the French complain because they have a life and don't want work to dominate it. Most americans do not have a life- which is what they are complaining about.

Anonymous said...

Well dang, I can't believe the US is not number one! As a nation, I get the impression that we expect more than we get and want to do less than needed to get it. I would think whining was a full time sport in this country.

jumpinginpuddles said...

Americans arent first omg that totally sucks :O As for the others the netherlands wouldnt they get hours and hours off for lunch oh and they are too busy working out how to get warm, Thailand hmm lets just say youd be an idiot to complain im sure its another arestable offence over there and the least ireland well no surprises there they are always drunk and at soccer matches are you sure the irish work heheehehee (just kidding)

S'onnie said...

I am really surprised NZ is not in the list. although on the whole we have a reputation of being hard workers. I have found that many people complaint and whinge about their jobs. It has a really disruptive and demoralising effect on others around the whinger!

CrackerLilo said...

I'm glad that I *can* whine. It means I live in a place where I can express myself.

My paternal grandmother would tell us to thank God for small problems when we got to complaining about them, because that meant we didn't have big ones. I completely understand what she means now.

And then of course there are the ****BIG**** problems, like outsourcing and mass firings of all the competent people because they make too much money! (Google "Circuit City.")

CrackerLilo said...

Another Grandma-ism, since I just thought of it:

"Just because someone else is hurting worse, don't mean you don't hurt at all."

Some days I just purely miss that woman.

Shannon A. Long said...

Makes me want to move to Ireland…

Godwhacker said...

We're number 4 so we try harder ;)

I think this problem should be looked at in the realm of economics. Inflation and taxation have made most single income households a thing of the past. In that regard, there is a lot to complain about. We should be able to support ourselves and out families with out devoting our lives solely to a job. But part of it goes to our expectations as well. What do we really need to be happy. Food, shelter, and love top my list.

I know a song for every question and my choice for this is Number One by Joni Mitchell. I do so admire smart and beautiful women!

alan said...

Generations raised with a feeling of entitlement instead of knowing if they want it they have to work for it?


Nancy said...

that was an interesting read from the "FDS".
I agree with alan "Generations raised with a feeling of entitlement instead of knowing if they want it they have to work for it?"
I work with a bunch of young techs who feel they deserve the higher pay and no one wants to pay their "dues" anymor.
very interesting

Beth said...

As a worker in the UK, I'm a little surprised we're only joint 2nd!

At the moment, there is one person in particular who is very unhappy at my job and while I'm trying to be understanding, I don't want to get involved too much because I really like what I do. I like the work, I like my colleagues. I don't want to be dragged down by someone who is unhappy and not doing anything about it!

Dreaming again said...

Shannon A. Long ... LOL ... I'm so intolerant of whinning ... I seriously wondered when I read this if it was my Irish heritage!

(although, my therapy team would like to see me doing a bit more whinning, it ain't a gonna happen ;) ... )

puhpaul said...

It's not fair. Why is the U.S. ahead of Canada? I demand a recount.
(I hope this sounds whiny enough.)


Dr. Deb said...

Dear Dreaming,
I thought the US would be higher too!

Dear Skye,

Dear EVI,
I think that is a brilliant deduction!

Dear Traci,
I see so many who have so much and still complain about wanting more.

Dear JIP,
I hope someone from Ireland can answer that for us.

Dear S'Onnie,
I love how you spell Whinge in NZ. I guess it is an Old English derivative.

Dear Cracker,
In some countries it IS dangerous to say what one feels. You are right.

Dear Shannon,
Me too. Or at least visit for a long while!

Dear GW,
So cool that you have a soundtrack for any experience.

Dear Alan,
That is very true, especially for the younger generations in the US. Sad, really.

Dear Nancy,
Paying dues was a badge of honor. Now it feels like it is a burden and gladly avoided at all costs.

Dear Beth,
It must be hard to be patient for a long period with a colleague such as that.

Dear Dreaming,

Dear Paul,
LOLOLOLOL!!! So happy to get a visit, and a very witty one that is, from you, buddy.


Raine said...

Perhaps there are different work environments also? Maybe the entire lifestyle and work environment in those countries are slower and less stressful?? It would be nice to think so.

marie said...

Dr Deb-Good post. Here are my thoughts

Whiners=WHAP! Please take it someplace else.

I posted a new short story. Please read and comment on the previous post comment section. Your professional opinion would be most appreciated. Please take care.

My name is Eeun(Silver) Chung(Bluewater) said...

First of all, nice to meet you. Your blog is joy to read just like this post. : )

Belizegial said...

Hi Dr. Deb,

I guess the whole point of this exercise was to increase worker loyalty in developed countries. Nothing beats a happy and contented worker, eh?


United We Lay said...

Maybe it's not wheher the;re accepting, but what the workers have to whine about. A majority of the workers in the US are in low-income jobs without health care. Many people have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to survive, something that is generally well hidden from the upper and middle classes.

Todd and in Charge said...

I think United is on to something -- the lack of a decent wage, two-wage earners that are still "working poor," the health care system in this country -- there's plenty to complain about.

Ian Lidster said...

Gee -- Canada came in at #7 among the whining nations. I'm disappointed. I thought we'd be first hands-down.

Ms.L said...

wooohoo Canada is seventh!
That's my lucky number;p

Marj aka Thriver said...

A slew of great posts, as usual, Dr. Deb. Now I'm going to host the first anniversary edition of the blog carnival against child abuse at my blog next month. Make sure you don't miss out, okey dokey?

DrGwenn said...

I'm shocked we're only #4!! And, glad I tweeked my job to do my own thing during the week...the whining when I do go "to work" is maddening!

Dr. Deb said...

Dear Raine,
Good point.

Dear Marie,
Will be by in a bit.

Dear Eeun,
Nice to blog with you too.

Dear Belize,
Indeed, a happy worker is an efficient worker. Everyone wins.

Dear United,
WOw, that is true too.

Dear Todd,
Yes. I agree.

Dear Ian,
Canada has always been a place of tolerance and kindness. I'm suprised to discover the grumblings therein.

Dear Ms. L,
Seven is not my lucky number. Just an FYI.

Dear MArj,
I'll see if I can get a post up for it. Happy Blogversary.

Dear DrGwen,
I also made arrangements in my work to allow for less whining and more happiness. Alas, not all can do that. Would be great if places of employment could be more flexible!


Jade said...

Haa haa! Dont visit my blog anytime soon! Its a whinefest about one of my jobs.

Rose said...

America I thought for sure would be number 1. For some reason some folks think everything should be for them, go their way, etc. That's surprising!

Dr. Deb said...

Dear JAde,
I whine too sometimes ;)

Dear ROse,
I agree, I think certain cultures and countries have that point of view.

patientanonymous said...

I find it kind of interesting that they associated general unhappiness or dissatisfaction with working conditions with "whinging" or whining. That kind of made me laugh. I mean, just because you are unhappy with things may not necessarily mean you are walking around ranting and raving about it? I don't know...maybe I am just being silly.

As for being Canadian I know we have some ranters and ravers, whingers and whiners in my workplace specifically but we also have a lot of people that put with a lot of not so ideal conditions and they just muddle along.


Sarebear said...

Ireland has alot of pubs . . . hee hee! No, I don't mean to imply they are drunkars; pubs are quite social places, I imagine the conviviality and being able to vent and stuff is helpful.

Somehow it was rather satisfying to see France at the top of the list; yeah, knee jerk reaction to their disdain for us, but hey.