Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Phenomenon of Ringxiety

Do you have the sensation that your cell phone is ringing when it's not?

- or - you hear a ringtone that sends you and others into a frenzy to see whose phone it is?

Welcome to the phenomenon called RINGXIETY.

Dr. David Laramie, from California's School of Professional Psychology, is the originator of the term and experiences "Ringxiety" as well. According to Dr. Laramie, people have grown emotionally dependent on cell phones for feelings of self-worth or for needing to be connected. Sound experts, however, believe hearing similar tones to a telephone's ring sends your expectant brain into action. In the psychological field, that's called a conditioned stimulus response.

Whatever the origin, research says that Ringxiety is here to stay.

I'm a tech geek with everything but my cell phone, so I don't experience Ringxiety. It's never on....and I don't even know my cellphone number.

Do you have Ringxiety?

Avvannavar, M., Kumar, N.S., Shrihari, S., & Babu Are, R. (2008). Mobile Phones: An Anthropological Review of Its Evolutionary Impact The Journal of International Social Research, 1 (5), 81-103


Jenna Coaster said...

I hate getting calls... so the basis for my ringxiety is a little different than what is discussed in the post.

Dr. Deb said...

I'm with you Jenna. I don't like being that reachable and dislike getting calls. When I'm out or away, I like to be in the moment. So no cell phone.

Xmichra said...

I frequestly forget about my phone and don't know the number either...lol...

I got the phone while i was pregnant, because i had a somewhat a scary point where things were dicey, and Mark wanted to know immediately if something was wrong. And I was very dillegent about the phone being on, and on my person at that time.

But bella is a year and a half now, and the phone seldome makes it into my purse... lol.. if it's there, it's accidental at best ;)

But Mark can't live without his phone attached to him. He thinks he hears his phone when it isn't *on* him. Like we'll be downstairs watching tv, and he will swear that his phone had rung, goes up to retreive it, and finds there was no call. So i'm pretty certain he has ringxiety.

Maxime said...

Practically all my friends have cell phones but I don't. Some people think it's strange or even stupid, but like I said to my mom : I'm happy and that's what's count.

jenji said...

Well, no, I don't. But then again, i do experience a phenomenon wherein it feels as if my bed is shaking when I go to sleep at night, or is this just some sort of poltergeist activity? True story: last night I was pretty sure we were having a minor tremor/earthquake, but I'm so used to it that I just ignored it. lol

It's pretty obvious when my cellphone rings because it's programmed to ring with the song from the Geico commercials: Ding Ding Ding Diggy Dong, Dingity Ding Ding Ding-Dong...

It's obnoxious, but effective.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this, Deb. My cellphone sits in my glovebox for highway emergencies, and I haven't a clue what my number is. It's strictly a convenience for me. Otherwise, it's a pain in the ass that I have to pay for monthly whether I use it or not.

Scarlet said...

When my cellphone rings I never answer it, i really dislike talking on the phone - if it's important they'll leave a message and I can call them back.

Is there such a thing as 'Text-xiety'? Hearing your text message tone, or feeling your phone vibrate, even when you haven't recieved a text message? Cos if there is - I have it.

Text messaging is my main form of communication. I never turn my phone off and it is on me or with me 24/7. I had a really bad experience of someone needing me urgently but being unable to reach me because my phone was off - so now it's never off!

I'm really really dependent on my phone!

OHN said...

Yep. Got it. It is ALWAYS on. I have assigned each son (15, 20, 21) a different ring tone. Husband has one too. If I go a few hours without a call, I actually check to make sure the phone is on.

I know....sad huh?

Though, in my defense, with their classes, work, and other life things, I love it when my boys take the 2 minute walk between classes to call or text and say hi.

Sometimes they call me 3 times in a day. No...they are not "mommas boys" they just realize how wonderful I am :)

Phone and a computer.... I would have very serious withdrawal if I had to go a day without them.

~Just me again~ said...

I take mine where ever I go, when I forget it, I panic. How sad is that? I don't even get alot of calls on it.

Sharon S said...

LOVE the photo! Oh boy, I gots it bad. I have a blackberry and am very connected. If I didn't have it with me, I would feel lost.

Hmmm, Maybe, I should try and do without for a day and see what happens.

S'onnie said...

I have my cell phone on me most of the time because our work is spread over two buildings and in times of system issues, the quickest way to alert everyone is by text plus on weekends it means I can do my normal stuff but still be contactable for urgent stuff.

on the whole though I can live without my cell phone. I don't have an overly flashy one. I mainly use it as an alarm

Carie said...

I always have my cell on, I mostly text lol but I do get the feeling as if my phone is vibrating in my pocket, even when I don't have my cell lol....freaks me out

Jenji I also get the feeling that the bed is shaking, sometimes it scares the mess outta me, I am used to it, but at times it can get freaky lol

Suzanne said...

Not being a cell phone fan, it's not a cell phone I hear ringing. However, every morning at about 5:50 AM I'm awaken by the distinct sound of our land line ringing once. It sounds distant, yet the receiver is right on my nightstand. I've also been awaken by the sound of the door bell, the buzzer to come up to our apartment and three knocks. I must say, if it's my collective conscious coming to, I'm impressed that is calls, rings or knocks first and instead of barging on in, although I really would like to get it onto Daylight Savings Time.

Dreaming again said...

I don't have a cell phone. It's WONDERFUL (had a leash for 3 years ...don't miss it!)

I do get this phenomenon .. when my kids were young I'd hear crying when I'd try to take a nap or fall asleep at night when they weren't crying. Now, if hubs gets sick, I tend to hear the sound of his bipap when I'm trying to rest, even if he's not in the room and on bipap.

Guess it's part of worrying.

Barbara said...

Deb, I would not ask this of you if I were not desperate. Could you please read my latest post and tell me if you have any clue what could be going on with my son or what type of dr. he needs. I am scared and don't know if he's safe or a danger to himself or others or what to think. Thank you:


lightfeather said...

Yikes! I always have the cell phone going with 20 staff, my beautiful mommy daughter and most wonderful lifemate calling or texting. I don't worry though when it doesn't go off... it's a blessing most times when it doesn't but a sweet text in the middle of a meeting telling me that he loves me, is the best!

davethetech said...

I used to get the phantom cellphone vibrations in my pockets wherever my cell was normally placed in. I don't get them anymore since I have toned down the phone usage to only necessary use.